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Findlay Market 

Established in 2017, Etc Produce & Provisions are the new kids on the block here at Findlay Market! They are a husband and wife team who threw away their old lives in corporate America to head in their own direction. Estevan, a home grown Cincinnati man growing up in Hyde Park, and Tonica, a Los Angeles native, are cultivating their way through the American dream, feeding their family, friends, and their community with the finest produce and provisions they can source and harvest. You can find farm fresh eggs, produce raised with organic practices, honey from swarming bees, and beautiful baked goods made with love this Sunday under The Shed!

The changing of the seasons means lots of delicious fall produce in the farmers market, but also new Findlay Market merchandise at the Market Center! The next time you come down to pick up your butternut squash and your pumpkins, snag a new long sleeve tee or zip up hoodie to keep you warm (and stylish) while you shop at your favorite public market. •

(Pictured: Green and Grey Long Sleeve Tees; Purple and Red Short Sleeve Tees; Market House Stickers; Navy Zip Up Hoodie)

A HUGE thank you to all of the chefs, merchants, volunteers and guests who made Flavor of Findlay such a success! We couldn't have done it without you. Take a peek at a few of the evening's highlights. ➡️

Farm Beach Bethel believes that through treading lightly and intuitively on the Earth, we will help cultivate abundant health. Their small family farm raises vegetables year-round, providing growth to Cincinnati’s local food oasis! #FarmerSpotlight #local #fresh #farmersmarket

Stock Up For Health specializes in bone and veggie stock, using local bones and organic vegetables and herbs. They produce sides such as cucumber or fruit salads, fruit sauces or purees, and other seasonal items. Coming to the market this weekend? Stop by The Shed and grab your favorites!

#farmerspotlight #localtastesbetter

Good Thursday Morning! ❤️, Findlay Market

The Neltner’s welcome you to the farm that their family has worked for well over a century. While their roots still hold firm to a rich farming heritage that yields fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as jams and jellies, they also share the rustic beauty of Neltner Farm for weddings, group events, their Fall Festival, and more. So let them host your special day, and enjoy the warmth of sincerity that has nurtured their farm for six generations! #farmerspotlight #shoplocal #fresh #farmersmarket

@mainwoodpastry made this beautiful day in Cincinnati even more beautiful with their amazing cake making demo and even better samples! There is only one more #FindlayEats left, so join us next Friday 8/31 with @coloneldespices for more yummy samples! #freesamples #happy #friday #food #demo

Sweet, savory, and simple. Em, founder of @emssourdoughbread, served up some free samples for #findlayeats today! Learn easy cooking and preparing tips by joining us every Friday @ noon. Last two scheduled for the season are @mainwoodpastry on 8/24 and @coloneldespices on 8/31 — bon appétit! 🍽🥖
#freesamples #cookingdemo #august #happyfriday

"In the 1950’s, ‘60’s, ‘70’s, and ‘80’s, we’d convinced folks that what you got at the grocery store was the best. And folks were happy to believe it, because it was the cheapest. But if it tastes like papier-mâché, why would you want it?” says Bill LeGrand, of LeGrand Vegetables. You've got to admit, he has a point.
Bill has farmed his whole life, first working primarily with livestock, grain, and tobacco. In the 1980’s, he and his wife, Sue, started to dig into growing their own vegetables, working five of their 30 acres each year in rotation. Sue, a school nurse and former County Coroner claims, “I was happy to help grow vegetables over tobacco”. In 2000, they started working Farmers Markets, and began at Findlay Market around 2004, though Bill had helped his uncle’s stand at the Market years before. Pleased to bear witness to shifting trends in produce demands and consumption, Bill exclaims, "I am thrilled that folks have finally wised up to it." “The produce is as fresh as it can be, plus, local farmers are growing varieties that have some taste, rather than being brought up to withstand long periods in transit from California to the rest of the country.” When you stop by his stand for squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and more, don’t forget to ask him about his lamb. On top of growing fresh produce, Bill tends about 50 Dorper sheep, a breed well-known for their ability to thrive in places like West Texas. Bill likes knowing that he can provide more comfortable conditions for his flock. “The sheep live like kings around here,” he laughs. #nationalfarmersmarketweek

If you’ve ever walked through the farm shed on a bustling Saturday or Sunday morning, you’ve probably noticed @scottfarmky, & not just because of their beautiful, bountiful spread of fruits & veggies. They’re the ones joking behind their table & inviting customers to join in on the fun. The people who work at Scott Farm are a family & it is easy to see that they genuinely enjoy what they do.

Jim & Cindy Scott are the head of this jovial bunch. Jim has been farming his whole life. When he was growing up, their family raised tobacco. They had a truck garden just to feed the family, & had stock on his grandparents’ farm. As he puts it, “I was out there from the time I was too small to do anything but get in the way.” They eventually stopped raising tobacco, & have been growing produce exclusively for the last 25 years. Their home farm consists of 26 acres near Burlington, Kentucky. They have multiple locations, where they farm everything you can think of throughout the year (lettuce, cabbage, corn, strawberries, onion, potatoes, beets, beans, tomatoes, bok choy, asparagus, English cucumbers, eggplant, you get the idea). Jim loves selling at Findlay Market & says that Scott Farm plans on being there for the long haul. “We have a lot of repeat business, & know a lot of customers on a first-name basis. Even if I don’t know names, I recognize faces. They know us by name, too,” says Jim. It’s all about relationships for them, & not just with the customers, but with other Market vendors as well. Jim says, “We trade a lot with Em’s Sourdough Bread, Eckerlin Meats & other merchants. Findlay Market has some of the best produce, but also the best meat shops you’d ever want. Wal-Mart has nothing on Findlay Market!” Jim even tries to keep his stand open later so that the employees of other businesses can buy produce when they finish their shifts. & that’s really what makes Scott Farm so special in the end, isn’t it? They work hard to bring customers a vast array of foods, & are always thinking of others. Staying open late, remembering customers’ names & orders. They make Findlay Market more personal &more-lighthearted; we are grateful to have them. #nationalfarmersmarketweek

“I’ve always had the bug to grow healthy food,” says Martin Bezold. Martin and his wife of 32 years, Karen, purchased @bezoldfarms in 1988. Their story begins back in their college days—Martin was a Math and Physics major at NKU, and Karen, a fellow Norse, was studying Software Design. They bonded over their love for agriculture and their family histories of farming, so the thought of pursuing a life of ‘living off the land’ seemed like a no-brainer. Today, the happy couple runs their rolling pasture with the help of their son, Henry, and their two daughters, Marie and Elise.

Aside from their family history, Martin and Karen have always been extremely conscious of what they put into their body. Their biggest motivation for cultivating a farm of their own was to provide their children with naturally grown, nutrient-rich food. The business side of Bezold Farms didn’t sprout until 10 years after the land was purchased. Today, they maintain a pasture-based operation, ensuring that all of their animals—chickens and pigs especially—are exposed to plenty of sunlight and exercise, and their plants are happily blowing in the wind.

The Bezolds are very passionate about improving the soil they grow out of, so they work hard to ensure all of their inputs are organic certifiable. In fact, Bezold Farms is a proud distributor for Kraut Creek Non-GMO Feeds, a premium food supplier who specializes in raising hormone-free livestock. Healthy living and clean eating are of the highest priority in the Bezold home. If you’d like a taste of the Bezold diet, come to Findlay Market on any given Sunday. You’ll see Martin with the same greens, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, eggs, and pork he and his family will be enjoying for dinner later on that evening. #nationalfarmersmarketweek

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