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Paola "Pao Pao" Mathé 🇭🇹  Life is art🌸 Art is life•Casual maximalist with big, colorful dreams • Mom • Creative director, photographer, founder of @fanmdjanm 🏙Austin | NYC

For a long time, I thought I could only wear big, bold jewelry pieces because of my very large features. I'm 5'10. I wear a size 11 in shoes. I have a large nose and big lips. All things I had to fight to accept and eventually love. That's why you normally see me with big statement earrings or stacked up neck bangles. ⠀

But these delicate pieces from the KENDRA SCOTT Winter Collection are making me want to switch things up every now and then. I love the silver against my dark skin, and they go beautifully with a bold colors. I’ve been wearing the necklace with a loose button up with the top two buttons unbuttoned. ☺️⠀

What kind of gal are you? Statement, delicate, or both?⠀
#ad #kendrascott #KSWinter18 #liketkit #style

When I was younger, I was always afraid to ask for help. To say things like: I need a hug today. I need to be held. I just want to sit in silence with you. I don’t want to talk. I just want your love. And attention. I just need some warmth. ⠀

I thought expressing those feelings meant I wasn't strong enough. Now I know being able to express them IS strength. #FindingPaola #InMyHeadwrap

W/ @aprillovekae for @fanmdjanm

Welcoming this new week with openness.⠀
Reminding myself that I am enough.⠀
I am capable.⠀
And I am worthy.⠀

Happy Monday! What are some of your goals this week?⠀

Headed to the store, y’all want anything?⠀

Three places I always end up spending more money AND time than I need to:⠀
Hardware store⠀
Plant store⠀

Which stores always get you? I swear I’m getting better. 😩🤣 #PaolaAtHome #FindingPaola #InMyHeadwrap

When tia @kikabolinha brings you a dress back from the motherland, you mix your prints wisely.#ZuliWuliWu #InMyHeadwrap

Just levitating into the weekend... ⠀

I’m going to do a live q+a on the @fanmdjanm page on Monday at 11:30am Central to talk about the latest campaign. ⠀

Why the women I selected.⠀
Why Austin.⠀
Why an all female crew. How I stalked one of the locations so they could let me shoot.⠀
Oh, there are lots of fun things to discuss! ⠀
Drop any questions you may have below! Can’t wait to chat with you! #InMyHeadwrap #FindingPaola • Can you tell this is one of my fave from the new collection?😂🤗

Strength. Sisterhood. Self-love.⠀

FEELING GOOD (a campaign inspired by Nina Simone and the strength of a woman)⠀

This song helped me so much through my darkest times this year. I had to fight to feel good. One day, I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin, I felt hope. I played the song over and over to get up, and show up for myself and my daughter. ⠀

It was a dream working with these ladies for @fanmdjanm's latest campaign featuring: @onacurve @thecatchmeifyoucan @loveaprilkae @phyllisiaross @naturally__cassie

The women behind the scenes: @minkmade @kikabolinha @alexparkermedia @kitsune_kohl, @manaateee

Song: @rivanyri #inmyheadwrap

Remember when I talked about adding happy corners all over my home to keep me inspired? Well, say hello to my new “happy corner”- THE ENTRYWAY!⠀

I’ve always found our entryway a small, awkward “room” with three doors and one window all on top of each other that leads to a long, narrow hallway. It wasn’t always the best first⠀
impression of our colorful, welcoming home. So, I partnered with @potterybarn and @mydomaine to redesign the space to maximize storage and keep things fun. #AD

I needed room to sit to remove shoes, hold keys and sunglasses to make entering and leaving easy and more organized, and some space to store unopened mail, Zuli’s stroller⠀
accessories, shoes, and some of my husband’s mountain bike gear. I also wanted easy access to umbrellas and coats, and a way to hang my bag when I got home with arms full with⠀
packages and groceries. Because she’s a multitasking queen! (By she, I mean me.) I was able to do ALL of that in a 7×7 room of mostly doors and windows. Oh, let’s not forget a mirror⠀
because we all need to wink to our reflection while whispering, YOU GO GIRL! YOU GOT THIS! #findingpaola #paolaathome

Showing up to the VOTING BOOTHS like...⠀

I voted early on Friday in Austin, and my husband asked me what the demographic was like... ⠀

I responded: Hella white. Hella old. ⠀

Let's not allow one demographic determine what our future, livelihood, and rights should be. Let's show up and be heard. #vote #betofortexas #findingpaola

Image: @fanmdjanm • with @phyllisiaross @onacurve @loveaprilkae @thecatchmeifyoucan #InMyHeadwrap

I'm feeling a bit emotional because October was a breakthrough month for me. I spent nearly the first half of the year going through hell, unable to work because of health related issues. I still go to the doctor about twice a week, and I'm getting ready for a big surgery. But baby, I have been working! And it feels so good. I'm just taking every opportunity I have to stay active and make my visions come true before I have to be stuck in bed again for a while.⠀

Fanm Djanm has moved to a new office (still in NYC)! I managed to pull off a campaign that I'm incredibly proud of with an amazing group of women in AUSTIN. It's launching next week! I'm working on some exciting partnerships. And then yesterday, I sat on this high chair for a live Q+A at Pottery Barn with the brilliant @Sacha.Strebe from MyDomaine. And she asked me how my career in hospitality led me to be a full time creative director/entrepreneur. And man! That took me ALL the way back! ⠀

Moving to NYC in 2009 to "find myself" and create my dreams with nothing but a few hundred dollars saved from a couple of summer jobs. That's how FINDINGPAOLA started! I had a 30-hour/week job secured at Columbia as a research assistant. And started working as a server downtown (which led me to various management positions in hotels and restaurants.) ⠀

Back to my tiny triangular shaped room in Washington Heights with that heating pipe next to my bed (that would burn me every time I stretched in my sleep). Back to walking the streets of NYC daydreaming, excited, and telling to myself how one day, I was going to "leave my mark." Back to quitting my first big job to focus on being creative, then humbling myself to go back to work (as a server) because I couldn't afford that lifestyle. To when I finally launched @fanmdjanm. To crying from happiness when I sold my first headwrap. To this past month, flying in four exceptional women for our latest campaign. ⠀

I realize it's never going to be a smooth, easy ride. But it's an exciting one! Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Whether you're new here, or you've been around since DAY ONE, I appreciate your support. #findingpaola #InMyHeadwrap

Yesterday, I wore red. A lot of it.⠀
#FindingPaola #PaolaAtHome • headwrap: @fanmdjanm #InMyHeadwrap

Fact: I take more “shoefies” than selfies.⠀

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