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Paola "Pao Pao" Mathé  I just want to share my colors with the world. * 📍Austin | NYC * 🎈 Haitian fairy + Mum *📸 Photographer + Creative Director * 💃🏿 Founder of @fanmdjanm

When Mr. Ceiling Fan is telling you all the good jokes and you won’t share with mom.⠀

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I've been wearing this anklet for over a year almost non-stop. It slipped off while I was pregnant in the shower. When I thought I lost it, I got really sad. My friend @rivanyri made it for me during our Fanm Djanm picnic at CurlFest. Instead of handing it to me, I remember she bent down to clasp it around my ankle. I'm sure that gesture came naturally to her, but it didn't go unnoticed to me. It felt like I received more than an anklet that day. It felt like love and sisterhood wrapped in something shiny.⠀

I wear it everyday because something about it calms me. I think it's because of Riva's beautiful and calm energy. I love wearing meaningful things because they always bring me unexpected joy at the most random times. ⠀

What are some of your favorite meaningful pieces? Do you wear them often?⠀

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Oh, you know? Just being a lady. 🌻🌻🌻⠀

I was cleaning out my shoe closet and shared some of the process in my IG stories, and some random person replied, “BUT YOU AINT GOT NO YEEZIES THO!”⠀

I seriously died. Who raised some of you? 🤣😂⠀

Ps, I just got some used multicolor sneakers on consignment! Can’t wait to style them! I’m really really really into sneakers lately. And boots. And high heeled stilettos. And mules...


Yield to:⠀

(Will you help me add more to the list?)⠀

Also I really really think this should be a print? No?⠀


Someone sent me a DM recently asking me why I waited so long to have a child since I've been with my husband for such a long time. What a loaded question!⠀

In true Paola fashion, I've been thinking about that question for over a week since I read it because I tend to overthink things. I think this question deserves a blog post on its own, but I'd like to answer it quickly for now.⠀

I've been with my husband for almost thirteen years, and only married for almost two. I've gone back and forth in my mind on whether I wanted to have children since I was a child. Maybe I started thinking about children when I was twelve. And the older I grew, the less appealing the idea became. ⠀

When we decided that we would become parents, I wanted to be as ready as I possibly could be. (Although honestly, is anyone ever ready?) That means, more space (physically and mentally), more financial stability, and more maturity. I wanted to follow my dreams and have all the freedom in my twenties. And although, "motherhood" and "sacrifice" often live in the same sentence, there were some things I was just not ready to sacrifice. ⠀

I also never want my child(ren) to ever feel guilty about being on this earth, no matter how tough things get. "Do you know how much I sacrificed to bring you here?" "I brought you into this world. I can also take you out." I never want to say those words to her/them, even if I one day think them. I don't just want to provide material things and opportunities to my child(ren), I want to support them in every possible way. I want to listen to them. And ask them questions, and also expect them to ask me some. I want to learn from them as much I will teach them. And I'd like to encourage them to think for themselves. ⠀

So yes, it took me a while because I know how intense parenthood is and will be. I don't think my way of doing things is the best way of doing things. I do what I think will work best for me, not what society thinks. ⠀
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My favorite color is red.⠀
The brighter, the better.
Always has been.⠀
I remembe My favorite color is red.⠀
The brighter, the better.
Always has been.⠀
I remember the first time someone asked me. I was in kindergarten at Coeur Content in Petion-Ville. Through my shyness, I managed to grin really wide and said “rouge!” with perhaps too much excitement.⠀

What’s your favorite color?⠀
#findingpaola #liketkit #asseenonme r the first time someone asked me. I was in kindergarten at Coeur Content in Petion-Ville. Through my shyness, I managed to grin really wide and said “rouge!” with perhaps too much excitement.⠀

What’s your favorite color?⠀

I love women. My creativity revolves around them. I'm inspired by so many. Women who dare to not only dream, but those who break glass ceilings and become their dreams while carving a path for those to come. When CALVIN KLEIN WOMEN asked me to talk about women who inspire me, at first I thought of the greats like Nina Simone, Eartha Kitt, and Serena Williams. Then I remembered how I'm always surrounded by wonderful and incredible women. And I decided to celebrate those who are around me and still flourishing. My work has granted me the opportunity to meet and become friends with some of the strongest, most beautiful and empowering women. Brazilian-born ballerina Ingrid Silva is one of them. I was able to photograph this set of photos with her last year, and we talked about her training, her accomplishments and challenges as a brown woman who does ballet. Thank you @calvinklein + @macys for helping me celebrate the women around me. #Sponsored
⠀ ⠀

Who are your women? Tag them below! #IAMWOMEN

Love lives here.⠀

We’re always dancing around here.⠀

Thank you everyone for all the love. 🌸✨❤️🌻⠀
🎵🎶 Di Mwen by @phyllisiaross


“To continue our celebration of all things global, Vogue asked 34 stars, whose résumés are without borders or boundaries, to be photographed for our September issue. Whether far-flung or homegrown, these stars are effecting change and leading conversations wherever their careers take them.”⠀

“Paola Mathé (in a Ralph Lauren jacket and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini dress)⠀
In 2014, Haitian-born Paola Mathé turned her personal style into a business with the creation of Fanm Djanm (which means “strong woman” in Haitian Creole). What started as a headwrap collection has since grown into a lifestyle website, which aims to empower women to “live boldly.” Mathé, who currently lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and child, practices this empowered mantra through her experience as an entrepreneur and creative director. “I’m redefining myself through it,” she tells Vogue. “Patience matters: I made everything happen with what I had.”⠀
📸 ⠀

I believe⠀
In the healing power of flowers⠀
They can bring so much joy⠀
They can light up a room⠀
The can restore hope⠀
When I see them⠀
I think of home.⠀


Old school Harlem Vibes. ⠀
In Austin, Texas.⠀

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