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I believe that there was a Sasquatch in my yard last night...Becuse I was in bed and I was hearing tree knocks and yells...I went out side to my back yard and was looking ft eye shine and I had seen 2 Red eyes looking and staring at me and i had the hair on the back of my neck you can see by the picture I went into the woods that morning and I found this footprint and my foot is 7 inches and this is much longer than my foot ....tell me what you guys think #bigfoot #footprint

This photo is very interesting what do you guys think it could be #sasquatch #bigfoot

Dog catches possible Sasquatch on a GoPro what do you guys think? #gopro #bigfoot

If this is a hoax this is a very good one #findingbigfoot

What do you guys think this is? is a blurry picture but what you guys think (photo From Maine) #maine #blurry #bigfoot #sasquatch #sasquatch2016

What do you guys think fake or real? (photo taken in Florida) #bigfoot #bigfootsighting #florida #bfro #skunkape

What do you guys think about this one. It seems like there is another arm and seems like it is a female Sasquatch and it could have a young one . ( photo taken in Vermont) #vermont #bigfootsighting #bigfoot #bfro

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