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Finch Linden  Breasted & nippled & warm, warm, warm.

“Beautiful summer days followed, one after another, like blue and green beads on a string."

♫ If you find me, hide me,
I don't know where I've been.
Are we breathing, are we breathing,
are we wasting our breath? ♫

"So much so she loves him, so as it only seemed to hurt. Her devotion only made matters worse.
Well you can caress it if you want to... but as we've all come to find out, it may take more than love to keep the poison down. 
Is she someplace now as he's sweating it out- living low, high and dreaming of their forgotten, misplaced schemes. Where in the night to no one he screams, "Life takes you where it goes. Life takes you where it goes, or so it would seem." 🌹

"Not there and not there and not there.
Our desires shaped by the negative space around them."

I take an it-will-find-me approach to mineral collecting, and don't have too many stones to show for it. Presented today by the universe: a rosy little zeolite made of analcime & stilbite - each element of it for healing, healing, healing. For removing negativity, for stability, for acceptance and letting go.
Yo, cosmos. 👂🏻✋🏻 I got it, loud and clear.

♫ Was that deer running free
til it's last breath found your window
We killed and drove on indecently-
oh, how you screamed.
Oh, how you screamed.
That I'll never change,
you'll never change. ♫

"There is, in all honesty, no way to kill someone mercifully. There are those who count it no crime to drown an imperfect newborn in warm water, as if the infant will not struggle desperately to draw air into its lungs. Did it not try to breathe, it would not drown. But they do not hear the screams nor feel the darkening of the mind that the child endures, so they have been merciful. To themselves. This is true of most “mercy killings.” The best an assassin can do is create a setting in which he does not have to witness the pain he causes. Ah, you will say, but what of drugs and poisons that send a man into a deep sleep from which he never emerges? Perhaps, but I doubt it. I suspect that some part of the victim knows. The body knows it is being murdered, and it keeps few secrets from the mind. The strangler, the suffocator, the exsanguinator may all claim that their victims did not suffer. They lie. All they may truly say is that the victim’s suffering was invisible to them. And no one returns to say they were wrong."

💅🏻 matte pink champagne o n l y 🥂

“Has no one ever warned you what you may conjure up when you give welcome and name a ghost?”


♫ I've got an endless love
no one can starve
I've got an endless love
I don't want it I don't want it
carve it on out of me. ♫


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