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Finch Linden  Breasted & nippled & warm, warm, warm.

Sunday in 16 : 9 
In this life where did you crouch 
when the sky had set to boiling 
burning within, seen from without 
and your gut was a serpent, coiling
And, for the sake of that pit of snakes 
for whom did you allay your shyness 
and spend all your mercy, and madness, and grace 
in a day beneath the bending cypress .
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#catmancing Lucia


the prayers where we do not wish others well.
for all the brilliant. fetid. noxious. reasons.
the prayers we want to wash from the sky. as soon as they leave our imagination.
the ones born with no bones. so they leave no trace.
the harmful prayers. we pray.
we have been harmed.
we are forgiven those too. .
β€” the soft law (forgiveness)

It's always nice to shoot with @richburroughs

when @jennavalentine demands nudes .
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This month has been incredibly difficult - the physical and mental stress of my eviction and moving added to the circus of work moving at the same time, with a steamroller of emotional invalidation and rejection.
I'm hurting and it's exhausting.
I'm very ready for the universe to be a little gentler with me for the rest of the year.

Amazing drawing by @sarahbwhalen for @soapoperafanzine based on a self portrait of my butt πŸ˜šπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I put this on my Story the other day but I'm deeply in love with this @lonelylingerie set.
And I'm sick & moving & wow stressed out.
Come on man, say good stuff about my dick.

Nest of Good Omens - birds building their nursery right above the new front door, and, and!
They're house finches.

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