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Finch Linden  Breasted & nippled & warm, warm, warm. San Francisco

[Out of memory]
I was a child in the ivy then
I never knew you, you knew me
Not like you knew me
Off on the other ocean now
All of behind you, all is sea
[Back into the city]
[At the edge of the ocean]

Thirteen years ago today, I landed in San Francisco. Still all allure and disenchantment, we continue.

“This dream was like a painting that moved. The light was dim, as if pale-gray or blue paint had been washed over all. Beautiful streamers in brilliant colors moved in a slow breeze that came and went, came and went, so that the streamers rose and fell.”

“I felt as if I were assembling the pieces of a broken teacup.”

“One precise tap from you, and she will fly all to pieces.”

My heart is a fish
Hiding in the water-grass
In the green, in the green.
uncensored on twitter & tumblr, link in my profile.

“Sunlight washed lace patterns on the floor. Shells. Flowers.
I sat up and for a time nothing made sense. Then I remembered.”

♫ If you find me hide me ♫ I don’t know where I’ve been ♫

♫ If you want my
center please don’t
slice so much around. ♫

“Women like you drown oceans.”
Scorpio sun, Pisces moon | Pisces sun, Scorpio moon
(we hadn’t known; of course we’re an overflowing glass together, of course).

“I had been swept into a river, and it tried to carry me with it but I stayed in one place and refused it.
Curious to say, I abruptly fell out of the river. I fell onto green grass and it was spring all around me.”

♫ And it is terribly good
to carry water and chop wood
streaked with soot,
heavy booted and wild eyed ♫

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