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Evie Stagesin  Live your life so that if someone said something negative about you, no one would believe it.

I love this boy ♡♡♡

Smartest little girl I know ♡ she saw the picture on my computer and this is the conversation that followed. #lifewithadalyn

Yesterday was my favorite day of the year. ME day! Growing up it was a month long celebration and I talked about it for weeks before. I would jump on my bed in the morning and celebrate with a smile on my face all day. Life is good and not worth being miserable. I love growing each year because it means I had another 365 days to experience this thing I am blessed with, this life. Yesterday was no different. I woke up and worked out, even though yesterday I really didn't want to. These next 365 days I am determined to reinvest into myself and be the best ME I can be. My family took me to dinner yesterday and I sat around a table with them and truly had the best time. This is what 34 looks like and I have another 365 to make it a good one until 35!

Ady is a napper, always has been. Can get usually 1.5 to 2.5 hours a day from her. Today we had a birthday party for our favorite girl, Annaleigh @ashley.szuch, and when Ady asked what time it was and I told her 2 she said, "welp, I can't go. Thats my naptime." I told her she could nap after..... she didn't make if far once we got home. #lifewithadalyn

First home dose is done. We got this. #josiedreamsofdairyqueen

That's right girl. Be brave.

Tomorrow! OIT can set her free! #josiedreamsofdairyqueen

This is the face I get when she takes pictures with her BFF, Nariah and her sister Ayonna. ♡♡♡ This summer has been filled with good times for our girls. #lifewithadalyn

This girl pushed hard this run and came in 5th at the Little Falcon Run. She did so much better then her last run and will keep pushing herself to be better each time! (Thanks to Herb for the awesome photo)


We had a blast the other day at Hovatters Zoo. We love the McFadden family ♡♡♡ @mlmcfadden12

I am in love with how these two are together (and with Adalyn). I tell Josie she is lucky to have such an amazing friend who loves her AND her sister. I know that life moves and changes and their paths may take them on opposite roads but I am really hoping they are life long friends ♡ @mlmcfadden12

Someone really loves funnel cakes #lifewithadalyn

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