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Christina DeHaven-Call  New-York based filmmaker, line producer.

UPDATE: Dir & PD of MAPPLETHORPE just added to the slate! Calling All Production Designers/Art Directors! Join us for a special panel event at Tisch on Sunday 4/22. See flyer for info + RSVP @nyutisch @nyutischfilmpo @nyutischfilmtv @artdogsnyu

Happy Spring Production ya’ll! Let’s be safe on set and speak up! Help spread the word about our safety reporting line 212.992.FILM #tischfilm #tsoa @nyutischfilmtv

Let’s Go Pens! We love you Phil Kessel! Alex wore his favorite shirt just for you! #gopens @penguins #pens

More Sundance goodness. SO FUN bumping into you Clarindaaaaa!!@fireflyloves ♥️

YAAAAAAAAY! Congrats @reedmorano ♥️♥️♥️

Best holiday card of 2017 @dontcalljon @wyotcall! The expression on your face is priceless!

Tisch @ Sundance: please share your beanie pics! I saw waves of purple hats on Main St and forgot to take pics :(. Please post, thanks #tischsundance @nyutischfilmtv 💜

So glad I got to hang with my PGA sister at the Dance - Yvonne Russo! ♥️

So long for now Park City! Heading home to NYC with Assoc. Dean Michael Burke! Special Thanks to Dean Allyson Green, Asst. Dean Drew Uriarte, Josh Murray, Jeremy Schug, Joanna Puglisi, and Laurel Bear for an AMAZING weekend of events!! @nyutischfilmtv @nyutisch

Best 70’s cover band ever! What a fun party! Thanks @sundancetv

Look who I bumped into! Tristan Daley! We are everywhere! UGFTV represent at Sundance! @nyutischfilmtv