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erica // spin  from silver halide crystals to megapixels. @Moment team Moment blog post👇🏻💗

You wouldn't believe how long it took for me to get this shot 😒 #Rolleiflex #filmisnotdead

There were soldiers constantly walking around the most populated areas of Paris, and of course with reason. The city is on high alert for terrorism. I had never really seen anything like it in person. I didn't necessarily feel intimidated by it but not sure how I felt overall. It was nice to see them be relatively kind however. And some of them even posed for photos☺️

I miss shooting street. Definitely need to hit up the city soon!

What are your travel plans this year?

Stumbled across this adorable flower shop while in Paris. While we were photographing the outside, the proud owner stepped into the doorway and began to pose for photos. She was the cutest Parisian lady I had encountered and only a few seconds later she reached back into her shop to bring out her adorable companion, Dahlia. I honestly couldn't help myself. I started taking a million and one photos of her. I have no regrets, she was amazing and her shop smelled like HEAVEN.

Wish I could go back to wandering the streets of Mont Saint Michele. Crazy how so many things change in such little amount of time.
PC📷: @thecarnivallion #findyourpeak

I can finally move my neck around and get up with ease. Oh the magic of chiropractors ✨💪🏼 I will get strong again, I got this. Also-- I realized I went to Paris and not once posted a photo of the #EiffelTower so here it is right after the sun went down and a red/orange moon was in full effect.

There's at least one great thing about being stuck at home: looking through old film scans that you totally forgot about.

How did I go from walking 11 miles days to being bed ridden from a kink in my neck?! I need all your remedies, grandmas remedies, and mommas remedies sent my way please. At this point I am willing to try anything. 😭

It's a bed-ridden-look-through-all-my-Paris-photos-kind-of-day. I straight up can't move my neck and shoulders, send help. 😭

We left Mont St. Michel in hopes to catch an epic sunset on the coast of this French seaside town. What we were greeted with was moody weather and no sunset colors in sight. It definitely gave the area some drama and still made for some incredible photos. Had we arrived a few minutes later, we probably would've arrived in complete darkness. Still one of my favorite moments from our trip. #filmisnotdead #Rolleiflex

Go check out my tips on shooting architecture, link in bio! @moment

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