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Filipe DeAndrade  🌍National Geographic 🎥Wildlife explorer now in 🎯Costa Rica 🏆EMMY Winning DP 🐊UF Grad 🐵I hugged Jane Goodall 👇🏽Host of Nat Geo WILD series "Untamed"

What’s your happy place? This is mine.

Heaven is a place on earth. And its called, Botswana. 📸 for @natgeo @natgeowild

“Life is better with sharks.” - Shakespeare pg 9. I think? 📸 @brianmoghari

Sea turtle hatchlings have to face one of the most daunting challenges in the animal kingdom. From the second they are out of the nest, they must make it past a gauntlet of endless predators and into the ocean. The tenacity that these 2-inch creatures have is a testament to their resilience as a species. This was difficult to film, but its nature. Unless I’m conducting research and with biologist, I try not to interfere. The predators need to eat and that is out of my control, no matter how difficult of an assignment it is as a conservation filmmaker. What I can control however is my footprint on this earth. Animals have to go through enough as wild creatures. If this is hard for you to watch, consider that OUR carbon footprint is much more detrimental to wild animals than this natural barricade is.

Violet Sabrewing, a giant in hummingbird standards. This dude really tested my patience to get a decent shot. Imagine looking after your neighbors horny goat in house full of cats with diarrhea...that kind of patience tester. But in the end it was worth it, look how beautiful he is. Would ya just look at em.

Its whale season in Costa Rica. ✌🏽🇺🇸.

I like to eat with my hands too. The taste of metal ruins cake.

That time a turtle came to say hello in Costa Rica...and tried to eat my camera 😻. #wilduntamed

Untamed Costa Rica is coming together in a delicious way for the eyes. In the meantime, enjoy some super slo-mo hummingbird action that @brianmoghari and I filmed in the talamanca mountains. Thank you @humminglovebirds and @roy.valverdecr for showing me this beautiful spot. #wilduntamed #shotonred

The harlequin clown shrimp. I filmed this beauty near Caño Island in Costa Rica. Males and females can be seen not just mating, but hunting and raising their young together. They feed predominantly on starfish and will keep them alive eating one limb at a time. Who knew shrimp could be so interesting? The more I learn about nature, the more I want to learn about nature. #wilduntamed

After another amazing #sharkfest on @natgeowild , I hope y’all are excited about sharks and the critical role they play in our world. They have been wrongly demonized for so long, and its time to shatter those perceptions and start appreciating them for the biological wonders that they are. And if you feel so inclined, hit me up in the DM’s and I can suggest a couple safe and awe-inspiring shark dive operations. Love y’all wildlife warriors. - @filipe_deandrade
Taken while diving with my buddy and wildlife guide/expert @gatorboys_chris

The bobcat that stole my heart. 📸 for @natgeo @natgeowild

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