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Filipe DeAndrade  🌍Nat Geo Further Ambassador 🎥Now on @theriverandthewall 🏆EMMY Winning DP 🐊UF Grad 🐵I hugged Jane Goodall 👇🏽Host of Nat Geo WILD series "Untamed"

I would rather be in Costa Rica right now watching hummingbirds shake off the rain surrounded by the Talamanca mountains. It doesn’t matter what Im doing actually, Id always rather be doing that. 🙄! Coming from the guy with a “NOW” tattoo, Eckhart Tolle would not be proud.

Aren’t moms the best? That was a rhetorical question. 🤰🏽Photo taken in Botswana for @natgeowild @natgeo

Harlequin clown shrimp in Costa Rica. What’s not to Love about them? They look like the end product of a tube sock design from Elton John in the 80’s. A style this world is not yet ready for. 📸 for @natgeowild @natgeo #wilduntamed

The Yellow-Throated toucan's oversized, colorful bill has made it one of the world's most popular birds, but they use their 8-inch beaks for much more than catching eyes. #WILDUntamed

Hello! Dolphins are still out there in the world. One of the best places to see them in my opinion is Kiawah Island, South Carolina. This is the best deed I can offer today. 🎥 for @natgeo @natgeowild @townofkiawah #wilduntamed

Yellow-bellied sea snake. I got to swim with this beautiful creature while I was in search of sea turtles in Costa Rica. These dudes and dudettes have highly potent venom but pose no real threat to humans as they’re not looking at us as food. I was just tickled stupid at the opportunity of photographing one in the middle of the ocean as it performed a beautiful dance while gliding through the water. It made its way on to my camera housing several times and used me for a brief rest. Was I scared? A little. Was I mesmerized and momenterily entranced? 100% I Love nature. 📸 for @natgeo @natgeowild #wilduntamed #costarica #puravida

International Women’s Day was everyday for me growing up (and still is) as I was raised by a single mother. Nothing compares to a woman’s strength in my opinion, so here’s to all of y’all ✊🏽. This is a clip from a short film I made for @natgeo earth day back in ‘16 called “Girls can’t be scientists.” Its on Nat Geo WILD’s youtube...don’t let the title fool you. #internationalwomensday

Those Florida sunsets...yumsicles. #florida

Lets reflect on big cats today and how they are the greatest things on the planet....ever. Roar with me if you Love em too. #causeanuproar #bigcats

Tomorrow I start my 35 hour drive from Florida to L.A. On the plus-side, mountains are waiting for me.

Roseate spoonbills choose Florida. That’s good enough for me. #wildflorida

A great blue heron wrestles with a small florida snapping turtle. Tales from the swamp. #wilduntamed

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