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filchyboy  I teach classes, workshops, & privates in roué Cyr, AcroYoga, traveling rings, & zig. #acroyoga #yoga #losangeles

Loving the monkeys here. But already missing my boo. #deepmonkeystyle #wings

Notice the inward rotation there? Useful. Sometimes. The body of the flyer can be a key part of working your flexibility. @emplays flying like a boss. #acroyoga #acro #deepmonkeystyle #vedayoga #westsideacro #yoga

Emily @emplays came to Class Saturday with me at Veda this past week. We’ve decided to put some effort into doing little flows and shooting them in the handful of minutes between classes. Here’s our first attempt. Hope you like! I love the smile on Eddie’s face as we successfully deload this fun little mono balance we’ve been working the last couple of years. If you are on the Westside of LA on Saturday mornings come to Veda Yoga Center @vedayoga at 1030 for a really fun Class I’ve been offering for the past four years, I think. We have a really great crew of monkeys. We are safe. We take care of each other. We have a great time with each other. Please come! #acroyoga #deepmonkeystyle #acro #monobalance #star #monostar #westsideacro #yoga #balance #yogateacher

This lovely pose is another one my partner @emplays and I have been exploring recently. This one too is dangerous and can go wrong very fast. It will fall out to the flyer’s left or right very quickly and carries a strong tendency too shred the flyer’s front knee. Use a spot to assure safety for both partners until how this moves is fully understood. I love this picture despite myself. I want this one to be presented better. I want the lighting to be better. I’d like for us both to get our legs just a bit straighter (straight leg is really hard to rise into here). I’d like the mirror behind us not to show a confusing mix of body parts and reflections. But it’s all good. This is life. I’m not some instagram star. No-one pays me for content. I’m sharing my life and my practice. My life and my practice are full of hard holds like this surrounded by poor lighting, ill formed poses, & confusing mirages of duplications of myself & my partners reflected all around us. I’ve been taking a long needed break from Instagram basically since Burning Man last year (my pace of posting went down right before the burn and has never recovered) for many reasons but also because of these mirrors which surround me. I’m trying to do better. In June Emily & I will be sharing our practice in Denver & Boulder. Then in July we will be presenting an intensive prior to the Vancouver Acro Festival. Can’t wait for either event! I’ve been asked to share the curriculum of my intensives. So I wrote a list:
Training Hand to hand for all levels
Personal and community integrity
Foot to hand training
Building community through training bases
Consensual touch
Opening the hamstrings
Developing single arm strength
Rotational sequences around the hips
Developing poses which show off your strengths
Finding partners who want what you want
Modeling the practice you want to grow
Spotting & self spotting
Washing machines with straight lines
Training soft feet by pulling away from the edge
Using a flyers body to develop flexibility
Non standard pops, and much more.
;-) #acroyoga #acro #deepmonkeystyle

This is a lovely heart opening pose I developed with @emplays. She and I have grown so much since we first crossed paths at Divine Play 4 years ago. It’s so wonderful to be a part of this growth. Every step forward we take on our path has been full of ease and challenge and I am so thankful! This pose is very challenging and dangerous. You must use a spot to develop any amount of opening the front body. It will tip out very quickly either to the left or right side of the flyers body and harm the spine. Be very careful. This weekend I will be offering a weekend of workshops in Ohio. I’m looking forward to visiting this small and loving community which @catbigley helps to steward in Marietta Ohio. I don’t anticipate many will come. So we will have a lovely time and inspire each other and share tools for developing a practice and building community. I’m looking forward to this quite a bit. Cat and I have been sharing notes for years and it will really fun to see her and her family and get a taste of what small town Ohio is like. If you are so inclined please come! #deepmonkeystyle #trust #thelife #acro #acroyoga #acrodance #pose #heartopeners #omb #westsideacro

Back in the day with one of my kinetic sculptures. Miss this thing and our crew. So dangerous though. Someday I’ll rebuild my kinetic sculpture practice. Picture from the Chinese National Press Service. Sigh. #deepmonkeystyle #trust #kinetics #machinemovement #circus

@ill_manga and I exploring the boy inside. Good times with a lovely friend! Going to miss you when you go dear. #deepmonkeystyle #trust #thelife #westsideacro #crescentbay #penisimplant #totesfordaze #friendship #omb #acroyoga #acro #popthatshit

I am counting my blessings up in here. One of my greatest joys is bring people into the practice in a safe inclusive and fun filled way. Between my bad jokes and the incredible enthusiasm of my students we always have such a blast at @vedayoga every Saturday morning. I’ve been leading this gang of monkeys for years now and it is always such an incredible gift. If you are in LA and you want top notch community and teaching please come play with us Saturday mornings at 1030AM in Culver City. And if you want to explore more advanced levels of movement join me at Westside Acro Friday evenings at 8PM at @34_north. Damn I got it good! Thanks to @marihercher for this boss breakdown of what we do! #deepmonkeystyle #trust #strength #westsideacro #acroyoga #acro #movement #playla #ayla #vedayogacenter

Last night at @pitchcatchcircus I reconnected with a long time lovely friend @sarita_acrotierranomad and we got to hug and play and share energy. Such a great encounter. Thanks for the exploration my friend! #acro #lifting #acroyoga #deepmonkeystyle #westsideacro #kneesonfleek

Had the pleasure of working with Devon French @empower_move_ment recently and it was a blast! I so wish we had more time to explore more. @acroyogavancouver crew is pretty damn good! So far my interactions with him and @ladybase_ & @acromillissa have all been so solid. Can’t wait to go up to Vancouver this summer to share and explore with their community in July. It’s going to be a blast I suspect. #deepmonkeystyle #westsideacro #34northfam #acro #acroyoga #handstands #fitness #fitnessmotivation #trust #patience #trust

One of my lovely friends and students @herchercreative made this little video of an intro Standing Acro Class I shared recently at @vedayoga. I’ve been leading a weekly exploration of beginners partner movement at @kumiyogini’s studio now for 3+ years now and it just keeps getting better and better. They students are so sweet. So eager to learn and so kind to each other it’s one of the highlights of my week to be present for this. This locally own studio has generated such a heartfelt community around it you can’t help but fall in love when you encounter us. @marihercher is a very talented videographer and photographer. If you are looking for a good eye to help you make your vision concrete reach out to her. She’s great! I’m taking some of my offerings on the road in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information on Hawaii, Ohio, Colorado, New York City, and Vancouver. Expect much more soon. Things are ramping up quickly and I’m ready for this ride! #namaste #yoga #deepmonkeystyle #trust #acroyoga #acrobatics #acroyogafun #westsideacro #westsideacroyoga #standup

Today I had this strange encounter where I was trying to be nice and I think I royally offended someone. Life is such a trip me thinks. Counting my blessings up in here. It could have been worse. Lovely flyer here is @lynettechan. This one is always so kind to me. I like this about her. Also she works hard! #deepmonkeystyle #thelife #trust #acroyoga #acrocartel #acro #westsideacro #omb

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