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Marianne  In Edgar & Red Lodge, Montana w/ my loved 🇫🇷man, 🐶Aussie Sophie, 🐱Livvy, Bell, Woodhouse & Bouffée. Beloved Aussie Riles, rest in peace 4/10/15.

Mommy, tell Daddy to stop teasing me!

We were away from Bouffée for more days than normal this week - she definitely missed us! (And check out her amazing lioness mane😊)

A belated Valentine's gift from the romantic Frenchman. He is a master woodturner and it took him 17 hours to make this beautiful pearl "box". There was a beautiful pair of pearl earrings, a necklace and bracelet inside. The 2nd inside wood piece is meant for another set of earrings & pearl pendant he gave me for my birthday last year. The top ebony piece is a ring holder. Spoiled again by the Frenchman💗

Woodhouse is enjoying #Caturday in 60F weather in mid-February in SE Montana. #crazymontanaweather

Miss Bell is making sure I am lying on my ice pack by lying right on top of me. (Yesterday was a regularly scheduled facet joint injection in my neck that is held up by titanium plates & screws😁). Thank you for your excellent care, Nurse Bell.

We went from 10F & 3" of new snow to 50F in one day! What we have now is a big lake of melt that will turn to ice each night. #crazymontanaweather

Missing Livvy today. Sophie and I are in Billings for 2 days while Livvy, Bell & Woodhouse are holding down the fort in Edgar💛

12 deer in the front yard at 11 am this morning. (Poor quality photo as I had to take it thru the window so I wouldn't spook them).😊

The Frenchman and I decided to start our new life together by purchasing & renovating my parents' home in Billings, Montana. It will be a bit of a change to live in a large town again, but we will still have the mountain house for weekends. This was my parents' home for 30 years, so we are grateful to be able to keep it in the family.💛

We are moving to a big town, but what do you think of my backyard? It's on top of these things called the Rimrocks & not a neighbor in sight. Only deer, wild turkeys & these fat little varmints called marmots😊

Bouffée. #caturdayonasunday Taken by the Frenchman.💛

Last but not least, cat #4...Miss Bell who is as lively as ever on this #Caturday. One would never know she continues to struggle with feline IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Her blood work was sent to a special GI lab at Texas A&M Univ & it confirmed her diagnosis & the need for supplemental cobalamin (B12), probiotics, antibiotics, & another change in diet to Hills' Hydrolyzed kibble. She is also being submitted for a clinical trial at the university to compare oral versus injectable B12. The one big worry is IBS can mask & even turn into intestinal lymphoma, so she may need a biopsy & other treatment down the road. Fingers crossed it does not come to that💛