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Marianne  In SE Montana, us (🇺🇸& 🇫🇷) & rescues: 🐶 Aussie Sophie & 😺Livvy, Bell, & Bouffée. (Woodhouse to a new home 4/6/2017; Aussie Riles left us 4/10/15.)

Spring snow at the mountain house. Bouffée is wondering why she can't see out. Swipe for views out the back, where there is a golf course somewhere, and the front.❄️❄️❄️

Good pals, Sophie and Bouffée, enjoy squirrel watching at the mountain house.😊

There is a rabbit that lives in our front yard at the new house & another at the mountain house. Both of which Sophie is NOT allowed to eat. Therefore, she is taking out her pent-up frustration on her rabbit stuffie. (Thankfully, she doesn't de-stuff any of her stuffies.😊)

Another successful wear-Sophie-out-day at doggie daycare😊

Mommy's driving Daddy's nice car...really fast. Hold on - I hope we make it alive!😬

First walk along the Rimrocks, just outside my back door. The wind was really blowing, so I decided to stay off the higher rock!💨💨💨

Happy 8th Birthday, Miss Sophie! We didn't "gotcha" until you were 6, but you are stuck with us forever!💛💛💛 (Swipe over for the devastation of the pupcake.😀)

2 years ago today, my beloved Riles left this earth after living an adventurous life as a sheep dog in Oregon, an international traveler in Ireland & Scotland, and a cowdog in Montana. He was my best friend for 12 years. I've loved all my pets, but this guy...well, he was somethin' special. Sure miss you, pal! #rilesbringssmiles

Uh oh, look who has taken over Sophie's bed! 💛

Ah, Shy Bell. Another vet visit, as she has not been doing well (gut problems continue). We ended up with a more experienced vet who diagnosed her with hyper-thyroidism! So, that plus her heart murmur that causes a bit of an increase in blood pressure could be the reason for months and months of bowel problems. Not Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) as originally thought. A bit frustrating, considering the months of (expensive) food trials, medications, & general discomfort she has had (plus Mommy stress) when it was something completely different. Now comes the decisions about treatment..whether to take her to Colorado for radioactive treatment or medication for the rest of her life. Sweetest kitty in the world💛💛💛

It was Bell & Livvy moving day on Monday, from the countryside to city living in Billings. They took it all in stride, as in 11 years, they have moved 7 times, including overseas! Plus, their new digs is a gigantic house with huge windows looking out at the birds & deer and eventually..a catio😺

Always happy..Miss Sophie at the vet for her annual checkup & boosters for Bordetella (kennel cough) and the rattlesnake vaccine. Her senior lab work came back A-OK - great news, on the eve of her 8th birthday. The only challenge is her extra weight (very bad for her arthritis) that we hope to shed now that the winter weather has gone away.😊

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