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Beth Hall IFBB Bikini Pro  FitMom🖤Wife👙SC🌴Oral Surgery😷 PEScience Athlete 30% 👉🏼Bethfit (link in bio)✨RavishSands✨NAFC PT💪🏼💌Email bethhallfit@gmail.com @TeamBossBodies Coach 👙💪🏼


Hands down one of the most fun weekends I've ever had 💰😍 #deadwood 🖤♣️ ♠️♥️♦️ #family
We saw Mount Rushmore, crazy horse, and spent the majority of the day/night in the casinos 🤗#andWON 👏🏼This will definitely be an annual trip from now on. Deadwood is beautiful and so much fun! Even saw some snow ❄️ yesterday, which reminded me of why I live in South Carolina #brrrr❄️ While I didn't workout or "track" my meals, I ate for my activity level, and allowed myself to indulge last night with some amazing desserts 🍦🍰 #balance
I shared a lot of my meal choices over the weekend on my story- I stuck to higher fat, lower carb <grilled chicken salads, eggs/Greek yogurt, oatfit, peanut butter, steak, crab legs, protein bars> with the exception of last nights desserts, & took 4 days off of the gym (which felt amazing) I'll be back on my grind tomorrow and officially less than 5 weeks out 😻 #psMyMotherInLawgambledHarderThanMe😂

Happy Thursday 😊 I'm off of work today and got my last lift of the week in before I head to Rapid City for a fun time at the casinos and site seeing 🤓 I won't be working out Friday-Sunday, but I should be pretty active. I plan on eating intuitively for my activity level as I'm 5 weeks out this weekend. I'll share on my story how you can eat out, travel without food (other than @questnutrition bars 😋) and stay on track with your goals. Life doesn't stop just because you have "a show" and it shouldn't. A lot of people claim "flexible dieting" but if you can't go out to eat for a couple meals/days without knowing the exact macros, then are you actually a flexible dieter? I'll make good decisions this weekend and enjoy a break from the gym. No harm done😌 ps I FEEL AMAZING 😍🤗

One of my favorite ways to eat cereal 🙋🏼 @pescience Snickerdoodle select protein mixed with cold almond/cashew milk 🍼
That flavor mixed with Trader Joe's pumpkin o's 🎃is unreal 😋 #trustme
#andthankmelater 30% off @pescience .com is 'bethfit' link in bio 😊

❗️NEW PRODUCT FLAVOR & GIVEAWAY below❗️MELON BERRY TWIST 🍓🍉 3 of my favorite @pescience products are now available in a new flavor 'melon berry twist🍉🍓' and it's delicious 😋 code- bethfit
_____________________________________________________________ *HIGH VOLUME- Caffeine free preworkout pump enhancer 💪🏼 I will pair HV with Alphamine pre workout. *ALPHAMINE- Powdered thermo, fat burner 🔥, energy, mood enhancer for a killer workout💥 You can also just have a scoop or even a half of scoop of alphamine in the morning, or an afternoon "pick me up" not just as a pre workout. *PROLIFIC- An actual preworkout that I love! Really helps with mind muscle connection, pumps, and clean energy 🏃🏼‍♀️If I don't use alphamine/high volume combo I'll use prolific🙌🏼 My discount code 'bethfit' will get you any of these three products/new flavor for 19.99$ until Sunday👌🏼 GIVEAWAY 👇🏼
Tag a friend below and tell us which one you want to win! I'll pick the winner Sunday and announce on here and my Instagram story 🤗

Code 'bethfit' @PEScience .com (link in bio)

Rest days are for shopping & everything pumpkin since it's officially Oct 1st 🍂🍁🎃 #TraderJoeHaul 😍
#fall #myfavetimeoftheyear #iifym

Hi guys 👋🏼 I've been a little mia on social media lately. As some of you know, I've had 9 months of an off season leading into September. I've been so excited to make my pro debut but just wasn't mentally ready to diet. The beginning of September i was/am finally ready to prep for my pro debut. I had a show picked out for two weeks from today. While I was mentally ready (finally) I wasn't physically ready (as you can see from today's pic- I'm lean but nowhere near stage lean) and I pride myself on competing in a healthy manner. I didnt want to push my body with low cals and lots of cardio to rush into my pro debut. So my coach and I @caseymfit decided it wasn't worth rushing the stage. I don't like dieting and want to compete and be stage lean at the most cals possible. And rushing my show wasn't the way to do that. That being said, I am very much tracking my macros and aiming for a show in 7 weeks. I want 2018 to be my best competition season to date and rushing it just because I'm dying to be on stage isn't the way to make that happen. So little fitness update 💁🏼
Happy Saturday 😊 #sorrythisislong #butihaventpostedinawhile #doingstairsasitypethis

Typical Saturday night for us 🎃😂 #Target #wedothiseveryyear #fitmom #foundmyhalloweencostume #pizza

Fave healthy "milkshake" 🍫🥛🍧
Officially 4 weeks out and this is saving my life. Low carb, low fat, & high protein. The @pescience frosted chocolate cupcake and peanut butter cookie select protein mixed is sooo good 😛 Select protein is a whey/casein blend so the texture is just perfect 👌🏼 ________________________________________________
I just use 1/2 scoop each = I scoop protein
1 cup unsweetened cashew milk 🍼
Lots of ice❄️
Blend, blend, blend.
You can top with cereal or other yummy treats. (I'm using a power crunch bar tonight 😋) ________________________________________________
As always discount code 'bethfit' for 30% off @pescience .com 👐🏼 (link in bio)
Happy Monday😈

Some of my favorite @PEScience products 😍[30% off discount code bethfit] Link in bio.
Like this pic for a chance to win a product of your choice🤗
I get a lot of questions about what supplements I am taking (especially during a cut) so here is a breakdown of all my favorites 👐🏼
✨SHIFT- Caffeine free leaning agent. Stacks with everything 🙌🏼 I take this daily with my coffee first thing in the morning.
✨ALPHAMINE- Powdered thermo, fat burner 🔥, energy, mood enhancer for a killer workout💥 You can also just have a scoop or even a half of scoop of alphamine for a quick "pick me up" not just pre workout. ✨PROLIFIC (not pictured) Is an actual preworkout that I love! Really helps with mind muscle connection, pumps, and clean energy 🏃🏼‍♀️If I don't use alphamine/high volume combo I'll use prolific 👌🏼 (Cotton Candy is my favorite flavor for all three of the above 🍭🍬
✨TruMulti- Multivitamin that is specifically formulated for athletes with mood and stress support 🙌🏼
✨AMINO IV- Bcaas, for recovery and hydration. I sip on this during my workouts. (Watermelon🍉, or Strawberry breeze 🍓I actually mix one scoop of each together) ✨SELECT PROTEIN- Casein/ Whey blend. Makes the best protein treats😋 (fave flavors are Peanut butter cookie 🥜🍪, Frosted Chocolate Cupcake 🍩, Snickerdoodle 🍨) #AlwaysSelectTheBest
While supplements are not necessary to make progress, they are helpful 😊 & tasty 😛Comment below with any questions 👇🏼
As always discount code bethfit for 30% off everything @pescience .com Happy Labor Day ❤️
Winner-- @angiemcraw 🎉

Such a fun time in Pittsburgh with the @teambossbodies ladies ❤️ & my friend/coach @caseymfit 🤗
Proud to be able to work beside her and learn from the best 🙌🏼 I'm taking on a few more clients for competition and lifestyle (email @teambossbodies @gmail.com for more info) #teambossbodies
#northamericans2017 #Arkansas😂#newpurses

Coach approved BIRTHDAY CAKE CHEESECAKE 🍰🎂 #dietstartstomorrow #forrealthistime #✌🏼 #humpday

<throwback> North Americans last year where I took home 2nd place 😊
So excited to be on the other side of this show this week with @caseymfit getting the @teambossbodies girls ready to take the stage. Two days out! I Can't wait to see everyone 🤗 #teambossbodies #procards #northamericans
Bikini 👙 @ravishsands

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