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Beth Hall I IFBB Pro  🖤MOM ✨Wife @teambossbodies Lifestyle/Prep COACH @ravishsands 👙 👩🏼‍⚕️Full time Oral Surgery 💌 @pescience 💸 Bethfit 👇🏼

Throwback to JR USAS where I got second place 🏆 2016! I am so excited to be here in Charleston this weekend supporting all the @teambossbodies girls 🤗
This is one of my favorite national shows, and I competed here for 4 years before turning pro.
Good luck to everyone competing here today. The hard work is done!! Enjoy every second on stage ❤️ #jrusas
Bikini 👙 @ravishsands (discount code Bethfit)

New product alert/GIVEAWAY 🚨 & Major DISCOUNT🎉 @PEScience Select Protein BARS are finally here 🙌🏼 Y’all know I LOVEEE me some protein bars- literally have one daily and these are by far the best bar I’ve had. (Not just saying that- THESE ARE DELICIOUS 😋😛😋)
To celebrate the launch, each box is only $17.99 when you use code Bethfit. Two flavors:
Chocolate Peanut Butter 🍫🥜10/10 (reminds me of a snicker bar)
White Chocolate Raspberry 🍥9/10
Swipe to see 🤤& Tag a friend below to WIN a box and tell me what flavor you want to win!!! 🎉🎉🎉

One more because #FurBabies 😭🐕🐶💕

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mommy’s out there!! Being a mom is easily my favorite 😭💕 #Blessed #Mothersday #hesbiggerthanme

Progress takes time y’all! I’m so excited with how my body is responding. No extreme dieting, 20 minutes of cardio. Slow and steady progress. I plan on competing a lot this year so just easing into my cut and taking my time. Results don’t happen overnight and if they do chances are you won’t be able to maintain your hard work.
I’ve seen a lot of negativity around competing lately. And yes while competing is an extreme IT CAN BE DONE IN A HEALTHY manner. Taking enough time in between shows to get your metabolism back on fire 🔥 is needed. Eating enough food is a must! You can’t expect to make muscle gains staying stage lean 24/7 and eating only 1500 cals. To excel in this sport you have to put health first. Don’t put pressure on yourself to compete if your body isn’t in a healthy state.
I’ve worked super hard the past 1.5 years to be able to step on that pro stage with an improved physique. To be able to enjoy the process of competing and feel good while doing so.
I’m excited to share this journey with all of you!! Y’all have a great day!! ❤️

The *Limited Edition* @pescience Strawberry Cheesecake 🍓🍰 Select Protein is now available! Code Bethfit gets you it for 20.99$ (link in bio)
Swipe to see the little pieces of real strawberries in it 🍓😍 (& for some puppy cuteness- Sadie Approved👍🏼🐶)
This is my new favorite flavor y’all! So delicious🤤Perfect amount of creamy, fruity flavor 🍓🍰🙌🏼

Tag a friend below👇🏼who loves strawberry cheesecake and I’ll choose one of you to get the new flavor for free 🤗 #GIVEAWAY This is a limited edition flavor so get it before it’s all gone!

Diet hack 🤓
So now that I am back in prep, I am having to get creative. My carbs are pretty high, but my fat is a lot lower than I am use to. This has been a staple snack in my diet lately and I wanted to share this low fat idea 😋
-8grams powdered peanut butter 🥜 (or more depending on how many rice cakes you have)
-5g @pescience select protein powder
-splash of cashew milk 🥛
-Mix together and top rice cakes. Add banana 🍌 then drizzle of honey 🍯 (I use 8g)
((Mixing the powdered pb and protein powder adds more volume than just the pb alone))
So simple yet so good🤤
Macros-10g protein, 33g carbs, 2g fat. Obviously adjust for your macros 👌🏼
Discount codes:
@pescience = Bethfit
@thelionschoice = Bethfit
#diethack #iifym #ifbb

Very important question... Are you team pancake or waffle?! 😻🤤🥞(comment below)
Today is my first “official” refeed of prep and of course I’m doing it right at Cracker Barrel. (Best pancakes in the 🌎) #TeamPancake 🥞
I get 350g of carbs today 😋 (been doing about 210g daily)

Not going to lie, getting back into the swing of tracking my macros this year has been a struggle. (I haven’t tracked my macros in about 14 months. Since my last competition)
BUT I’m on week 3 of being pretty perfect and it feels so good 🎉
Hope everyone has a great Saturday 💕

Successful shoulder day 😺💪🏼
Who wants today’s shoulder workout? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Let me know and I’ll post it on my story later 🔥#snapchatpic

GIVEAWAY ✨🤗 If you’re like me and not at the Arnold to go to the @PEScience booth this weekend COMMENT below what flavor of Select Protein you want to win 😋 & tag 1 friend! That’s it. Picking a winner tomorrow ✨
This is my favorite flavor (FROSTED CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE 🍩🍫) Anddd you can always use my code Bethfit to save 30% ☺️
WINNER: @peanutbutter.and.bikinis

Ah so jealous as I see everyone going to the ARNOLD this week/weekend 🤩 Here is a throwback to 2014 when I competed at the Arnold Amateur and got top 10 🎉
I literally cannot wait to see how everyone does this weekend and I’m so super sad I won’t be there!! I’m Saving all of my “time off” from work to compete all this year 😈 BUT you best believe I’ll be going next year!
Have fun everyone and post lots of pics 🤗🤗
👙: one of my faves from @ravishsands

LAST DAY for this sale ‼️ (swipe) All of my daily essentials from @pescience are on sale ending today! Code Bethfit for discount 😘
The new product for GI support- Digestive enzymes and probiotic, TruMulti vitamin (with stress support), and TruZMA (best sleep 😴 ever) are 14.99$
Omega 3+ & Glutamine are 9.99$
I use these daily.
Ends today! Code Bethfit (link in bio)

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