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FIGURE  Electronic Beats One To Watch: Setaoc Mass

@setaoc_mass for @electronicbeats ‘one to watch’ (link to full feature in bio)
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@setaoc_mass - flying machine ep (figure 99)
Sam Coates’ (aka Setaoc Mass) words about the inspiration behind the EP: ‘Vladimir Tatlin was a Russian born (1885) artist, prolific in the early 1920’s soviet avant-garde art movement. During this time he became one of the most famous constructivist artists, along with the likes of El Lissitzky, Alexander Rodchenko and Kasimir Malevich.
During the late stages of his career in around 1932 he had the idea of the ‘Letatlin’ in Russian the ‘letat’ means ‘to fly’ and the latter part a segment of his name. The flying machine Tatlin designed was in his thoughts a small plane suitable and affordable for every household, where schools would teach younger children how to fly these and they would fly around the sky as if it were an auto car. Passenger flights had already existed in Russia during this time, with Tatlin now embarking on what he thought would be a revolution in air transportation, with people choosing these above bicycles. The idea arose when he was younger and working on ships, observing how seagulls fly.
The thoughts during these soviet times that anything is possible, and the dreamers dreamed, and made things become reality because there was so much creativity possible. Tatlin built 3 models of these planes, unfortunately the dream crashing down when the first test runs of these models were unsuccessful.

Setaoc Mass’ Track names all coincide with a thought of this story. ‘Crashing’ as it never took off, the ‘Search Lights’ as they try and find this one man plane. ‘Torque’ as if it were the engine ready to propel the plane into the sky, ‘Always Falling, Never Declining’, the thought of the dream Vladimir Tatlin had which means the piece fell, but the creative dream lived on. And the A1 in honor of the great artist and his vision of the Letatlin.
The most important thought to come out of this story is ‘anything is possible’’ #figuremusic #setaocmass #techno #tatlin #letatlin #constructivism #sovietavantgarde

check out @hate_collective podcast 093 by @juxta_position_failsafe (link in bio)

@btraits and @setaoc_mass b2b on @bbcradio1 (link in bio)

Figure 98
Shlomi Aber - Whistler
Art by Sebastian Hæger (link in bio)
#techno #shlomiaber #figuremusic #vinyl

Whistler (Figure 98) by @shlomiaber in stores now! (link in bio)

@setaoc_mass - flying machine ep (figure 99) coming up soon! (Preview link in bio)

@len_faki answering your questions for @xlr8r_official‘s ‚Ask the Experts‘ (link in bio)

Coming soon!
@shlomiaber - Whistler (Figure 98)
Preview link in bio.

kirilik - Infinity Is Not A Number (Figure 97) out now!
Three years after presenting an original idea of arranging his own music live by using a standard dj setup and a drum machine, Strahil Velchev aka @kink303 is releasing the very first EP of his project entitled kirilik.
Created with obscure studio equipment and backed by an array of Sonics out of his extensive line up of machinery, kirilik transfers to the record that unique level of levity and immediacy that his live act has already become renowned for.
Infinity is not a Number comes complete with an added bonus of four additional endless loops edged into the final grooves of each side of the record. (Link in bio)
#kirilik #kink #infinityisnotanumber #figuremusic #techno #vinyl #newrelease

The word is out! Excited to announce our 15 year anniversary which we’ll celebrate with FIGURE 100 this September as well as with a tour across selected European clubs.
The compilation will feature 17 tracks, arriving in a unique gatefold sleeve that carries the exclusive handmade visual art by Munich artist Julia Schewalie. You can listen to Len Faki’s ‘Robot Evolution’ already. More info and impressions of the art will be revealed soon. Link in bio.
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