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Fighterdiet  Get buff & lean with Fighter Diet. Prevent overeating by overeating. Founded by Pauline Nordin


Meet Fighter Diet Girl Jeannette!

Name: Jeanette Smith
Weight: 153lbs to 129lbs

Height: 5'1"

Favorite FD meal: oat bran porridge
Favorite exercise: deadlifts
My tip to others: Take progress pics and don't fixate on the scale.
My fitness goals: Build more muscle for now. My goal is ever changing.


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"Lifting makes women bulky."
It makes them awesomely attractive.💪😍😥
Girls be like: "I just want to tone.." If I had a dollar for every time I heard this...🤔 That one's probably my favorite.😂
You will NOT look bulky or like a man if you pick up weights. It's actually incredibly difficult for women to build appreciable amounts of muscle, the main reason being that you have approximately 1/20 the amount of testosterone of the average male. The weights will add firmness and roundness to your physique. And that's haaaawt!🔥😍💪
✔Prioritize strength training (over cardio) with an emphasis on the compound movements. Squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, push-ups, pull-ups, and all the variations thereof should be the mainstays of your lifting sessions.
✔Utilize progressive overload by using more weight or doing more reps. Don't be afraid to add more plates onto the bar and get stronger. Contrary to popular belief, you don't "bulk up" overnight.
✔Stay properly fueled and consume sufficient protein. There's no need to fear carbs, and protein is important for muscle growth. To lean out, you should be in a mild caloric deficit - no crash dieting - or alternatively, you could stay at the same weight via maintenance calories, get stronger, and pack on muscle over time while slowly shedding body fat. This phenomenon is called body recomposition, and it works especially well in beginner trainees.
✔Ladies, getting serious about lifting weights is where it's at. Ditch the pink dumbbells, chase strength in the gym and be smart about your nutrition to get that "toned" look.💪
#Throwback to this epic Olympia expo meeting. Not sure who was more excited to meet the other-- me or @paulinenordin .😂😂
She's the real deal-- she's genuine and she has something good to bring to others. If you haven't had a chance, check out her @fighterdiet book and learn how to build muscle, burn fat and eat a lot of good food in the process.🍗🥗🍏💪🏋️‍♂️
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Meet Fighter Diet Girl Jessica!

Name: Jessica Solano
W: 66kg
H: 169cm
Favorite FD Meal: Oat bran bowl
Favorite exercise: Barbell squats/ Hip thrusts
My tip: Trust Pauline, she knows her shit!!! We need to eat to grow
Fitness goal: Be strong not skinny.
Evolution since 2016 until now.

PD. Thanks Pauline, I have done 2 challenges, last year build and burn/ butt bible (hope I can join both this year as well)


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Meet fighter diet girl Wanda!

Name: Wanda Barr

How long time between photos:
before 12/27/2016, after 7/4/2017

Weight: before 148, after 142

Height: 5'3

Favorite FD Meal: chicken and cabbage

Favorite Exercise: bench press

Your Tip to Others: Follow Pauline's plan. It really does work. If you fail a meal or day, just get back on track and keep going.

Your Fitness Goal:To be more disciplined with meals and get leaner around my middle so I will have abs.

Join build & burn!

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Meet Fighter Diet Girl Rebecca!

Age:42 (41 when I started)
Height: 63 in
Weight: 125 (start) to 122 (now)
BF: unknown
Favorite meal: Oat bran with whole egg, egg whites, vanilla protein powder, almonds and cinnamon.


#fighterdiet #fighterdietgirl #fitnessmotivation #getfit #fitness #bodygoals #bodytransformation

Meet Fighter Diet Man Ryan!

Name: Ryan Peters, 44yo

How long time between photos: 5 Months

Weight: Was 196, Now 189.

Height: 5’9"

Favorite FD Meal: Lean ground turkey mixed with steamed broccoli then slathered in mustard

Favorite Exercise: Barbell Squats

Your Tip to Others: Trust the process and be patient
Your Fitness Goal: A lean 195 and to be a more capable team asset at the fire department

JOIN the VIP group if you're a man and want a challenge! (Setting one up!) fighterdiet.com
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Meet fighter diet girl Sandra!
Name: Sandra Baker
Height: 5'2
Favourite FD Meal: Anything that's on the menu because it's that easy to follow
Favourite Exercise: I don't have a favourite but I do like working my chest and arms.
Your Tip to Others: Take the leap and join a challenge today, at 49 it was the best decision I ever made. Lifestyle now with people that understand my goals.
Your Fitness Goal: To have a rockin' body in my 50's so I can enjoy life to the fullest.

Before Picture was this years Summer Shred and after are week 10 of Cutz and Gainz.

#fighterdiet #fighterdietgirl #fitnessmotivation #workoutmotivation #getfit

Meet fighter diet girl Cali!
Name: Cali Elizabeth Young

How long time between photos:

Since I began with FD...20 months. From my first challenge in January 2016 to winning a NPC figure competition in August 2017.
Weight: Beginning 204 lbs *lost 47 to reach 156 lbs!
Height: 5'10

Favorite FD Meal: Oat bran pancakes!!! Or cabbage with salmon smothered in yellow mustard.

Favorite Exercise: Hmm...probably the GVT 10x10 stiff leg deadlift or lat pull downs! But I love most all my time in the gym.
Tip to Others: Set goals. Develop a routine. Visualize yourself where you want to be. Surround yourself with people who support your goal. Day in and day out live, think, and breathe the actions it takes to reach your goal. Even when things get tough; rely on your discipline and your routine. Find 'non-food' rewards, quotes, remember your 'why'. Fitness Goal: Continue to use diet and exercise to manage my Type One Diabetes, Celiac disease, & hypothyroidism. Feel good...feel happy...inspire others! Eventually get my IFBB pro card!
#fighterdiet #fighterdietgirl #ifbb #girlswholift #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslife #getfit #bodygoals

Fighter Diet is about igniting the Fight within, to find STRENGTH in your soul to push past the comfort zone.

Fighter Diet is a lifestyle for us who feel fitness is an UPHILL BATTLE, but we WANT it so we FIGHT for it.

Fighter Diet is training for the mind, which quite magically colors ALL OTHER AREAS of your life.

Fighter Diet teaches you how to HAVE CONFIDENCE, to FIGHT for your beliefs, to put high VALUE on yourself and others.

Fighter Diet is NOT about looks or having a sexy body. The sexy, fit body is just a SIDE EFFECT and a RIPPLE EFFECT of what you DO. Day in and day out.

If you WANT a change, TRANSFORM your mind and body and soul, I WELCOME you to JOIN my CHALLENGE.

I provide the TOOLS, I provide the SUPPORT. YOU just SHOW UP and FOLLOW ORDER.


I want YOU to SEE what you can DO, so MY internal perception of WHAT YOU CAN BE ABOUT if you put your heart and mind to it, is what YOU SEE TOO.

WELCOME to Fighter Diet and the Build & Burn Challenge - Pauline

I want in, I start October 11th: http://fighterdietchallenge.com/

#fighterdiet #fighterdietgirl #ignitethefightwithin


New for this challenge: * New meals to choose from. * New workout program.

And as always: * 12 Week Transformation Challenge. * Beginner and Advanced in same group. * Workout at home or in gym. * Day by day diet and workout plan. * Part of closed Facebook Group. * Fighter Diet Coaches there to help you. * Women only. * Pauline's weekly Facebook Live in the group.

I am in! >>> https://fighterdietchallenge.com/

Woohoo!! This bad boy just got out of the book oven!!! Only way to get it is to join build & burn with kit 2 or kit 3!

We will sell out fast!!! Fighterdiet.com

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