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alexandria kennedy  maker & illustrator | 🐱🐶🐱 | bridgeport, chicago wholesale inquiries:

Figgy is feeling cute in her new 🐻 scarf from her favorite store. Thanks @liberationpress!

I was her age when I moved to this city and that is mind blowing.

👅 ☀️

When yr so dang happy yr ears disappear

An official congratulations on your engagement, jones & Yvonne! We love you!

Older & less bangs, but we still cute. Thankful for the many photo booths (and wine nights) our friendship has seen over the years.

My dad has an arsenal of stories about his pre-baby days but I think he was just as happy to trade in the motorcycles and willie Nelson hangs for father-daughter dances and coming home early on Sunday’s to dance to the “kitty cat song” (blues traveler 🤷‍♀️) happy birthday dad, thanks for loving us & thanks for marching to your own beat.

We were supposed to leave for Mexico City today to celebrate ~5 years~ but instead we made the snap decision to use our vacation fund to try to save little cat a few weeks ago and I guess the fact that there was no hesitation in making the decision is exactly why we’re together.

This is our weather.

Never getting over the fact I missed seeing @dollyparton, but definitely never getting over this T-shirt @pattiguagenti910 & @madison_910 had made for me 💕

Happy 30th @lizzibeth_c (& Carrie!)! I love you & I’m so glad to call you a friend ✏️ 📓 💕

~desperate af~

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