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Rachel VanDame  Greenville, SC || 5th grade first-year teacher 👩🏼‍🏫

We had our first community meeting today & it just about brought tears to my eyes to hear one of my students compliment another student (who has a very difficult time making it through the day without exploding in anger multiple times) for having a really good day. For this student to hear & see his classmates excited for him put him on cloud 9! THESE are the "WIN" moments. THIS is why I teach.

Thanks for the tag, @exploringfifth! I always love watching your stories. Here's 10 facts about me!
1️⃣ Most people struggle to pronounce my last name. It's VanDAME, but my students giggle when my name is called through the intercom as VanDAM. I also answer to Miss V, since that's just easier.
2️⃣ I was born & raised in Pennsylvania.
3️⃣ After graduating from college in South Carolina I moved back to Pennsylvania.
4️⃣ I spent months working towards obtaining my Pennsylvania teaching license & eventually received it, but now I teach in SC. (Wild, I know).
5️⃣ I have two younger brothers, but most people think they're older than me based upon appearance 🙈
6️⃣ I only began reading the Harry Potter Series this past summer & I finally understand why everyone is obsessed, because now I'm just as obsessed!
7️⃣ Coffee is my favorite beverage & on average I drink 3 cups a day. ☕️
8️⃣ I'm a Christian & my relationship with Christ is the only thing that has gotten me to where I am now. Like, for real. Teaching year one is kicking my butt, but Jesus keeps holding me up & keeping me going.
9️⃣ I spend way too much time surfing through my "teacher gram" because I love getting ideas & learning from other teachers. My personal life is posted on @raelynne1793. 🔟 My professors in college always told me not to quit after one year of teaching because it DOES get better & I remember their words on the DAILY. Teaching is the furthest thing from easy, but it's so, so worth it. 🍎

I think this will go down as one of the BEST homemade gifts ever. 🎃🕷👻

Mom & Dad flew in from Pennsylvania for the weekend & got to meet my kiddos yesterday afternoon! 💛

Long post, not sorry. \\\ One of my kids walked out of my classroom today who won't return to me on Monday. I found out with only 15 minutes left of the school day & I was the one to relay the message to her. Without warning my words started breaking & my eyes started filling with tears. I knew I might not have this student the whole year, but I had no idea I would lose her so quickly & on such short notice. I'm so happy for her, because this is a good thing for her. But my heart breaks because these kids, no matter how crazy they drive me at times (🙄), are MY kids. & losing one is hard. #iteach5th #fifthgradetribe

Today was not our best day. But tomorrow is a NEW DAY. 👌🏼💯 #iteach5th

Last week I told my kids that they made my teacher ❤️ explode because I was SO PROUD of them....they thought it was hilarious & the saying has stuck. Sooo here's my version of #browniepoints. For every class compliment I'll take one away & once my teacher ❤️s are gone we'll CELEBRATE!! #iteach5th

This weekend's goal: print photos & start filling up our classroom photo board! #iteach5th

How important it is for my students to hear this and BELIEVE this from me! #iteach5th

Loving my new teacher tee from @my2ndgradelife. & pumpkin spice lattes...loving those too. #HappyFriYAY

My absolute favorite part of my room. & my kiddos agree! 💕 Also, excited about having a place to display all the books we've read throughout the year. Thanks for the idea, @teaching3rdwithmrg! #firstyearteacher #iteach5th

I'm a first year teacher in South Carolina & today was my first day with my 28 fifth graders! I am SO excited for this year!! #firstyearteacher #iteach5th

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