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Lori Neuberger  Happily reformed social media critic, thanks to @tracyandersonmethod and her#tamily

I will need the full order of @bulletproof coffee this morning😕birthday sleepover with 7-11yr.old boys🤪🤪🤪my son’s bestie is a type1 diabetic....@tracyjanemcneal @juliegoytia, I had only 1 night with a child, who suffers with this...if I could, I’d hug ya both, and happily fluff up your satin cushions for the pedestal I want to put you on!
I plan on doing just that for the Mom of my son’s friend! I’m fairly sure she hasn’t slept in 3 yrs.!😳To all the parents of these kids...I am in awe of you!💖now I just have to wake up enough to get to the mat for the new MC class😦😏#tamily #tracyandersonmethod

MC complete! What an awesome class this week!(and every week☺️)
Btw @tracyandersonmethod,
“You are all I want, all I need, and can be my Animal”(heh!heh!)😂😂😂AND just gotta tell ya #tamily, I just love my @fortheloveofrockstars leggings! Can’t wait for the new ones to arrive!😍#tamily #tracyanderson #tamspace #tarealtime #tarealtimepremium @fortheloveofpeachybottom

While I’m thinking about it, a big “yummy” IG hug to@chefemery @eatingenchanted @lorettasfitnesslife @wellmammadubai @chefpriscillasoligo for filling my “inbox” with the best ever recipes!! Keep ‘em coming, ladies! This mama needs all the help she can get!🤪#tracyanderson #tarealtime #tamily #tamspace #tarealtimepremium

Hey #tamily! FYI-this is the best collagen protein powder EVER! No weird protein powder after taste, mixes super easy in anything...@bulletproof coffee (of course!) and anything else you can think of...pancakes, muffins, sauces, soups, anything. Unflavored, chocolate, vanilla, and even collagelatin! I actually use a lot of the @bulletproof products. Great info on diet and health...#tracyandersonmethod #tamily #tarealtime #tarealtime #tamilyshares #bulletproof#bulletproofcoffee

Another school shooting....

Happy Mother’s Day to all you “MOTHER’S”! #tracyanderson #tamily#tarealtime

It’s a great day!!! Life is good!...more to come on IG...see ya soon!💕#tamily #tamilyshares #tracyandersonmethod#tarealtime

Just out for our morning walk, here in Houston...😳you can take the girl out of🇨🇦, but you CANNOT take climate change from reality🤔swipe left for a great book recommendation for all of us who don’t quite get that recycling our water bottles(although it is the right thing to do...actually, not buying them at all, would be better)will help what we are facing now and in our future. The book was given to me from my brother-who is Mr. climate change smarty pants, and generally travels in circles with other super smarty pantses, from time to time, like 🇨🇦own David Suzuki, to explain to me (who has no claim on being a smarty pants)and my kids etc. what is REALLY happening...he is in the process of publishing his first book on this topic and many others that involve the state, and future of our planet. His website is Darrin @emery5, thought of you, my dear! Love your posts...💕Hoping that my #tamcave is warmed up by now...unfortunately not with the use of solar much to learn😕#tamily #tarealtime #tracyandersonmethod

It’s the Tracy “SAND”erson method!🙄😳😜😂😂😂Had a great vaca in Dubai... the 13,139 km and 16 hr. Flight was SO worth time with the hubby, and getting to meet @mama_chahba ...she is the only other person I have ever met that orders an egg like me! Ariana, you had me at “soft yolk, but absolutely NO clear, runny white😜just love ya! Until next time...#tracyandersonmethod #tamily #tarealtime #dubai #tamilyshares #taminternational

K...lots of word pictures for you this a.m. Just finished MC...remember when Fred Flinstone would walk around mumbling what you knew were bad words, but he didn't actually say them?....I said them...There was also a near drowning during my workout as well...I flipped over to do the never ending plank sequence, and all my sweat poured in the opposite direction up my nose...good thing my kids know water safety from swim team!😂😂😂somewhere in Vancouver, @ceanimal from @bobthesalon is singing Kenny Rodgers "Lady"...
😜Luv ya, Chow!

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