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throw her to the wolves and she’ll return leading the pack... // @simonebiles is back and wins the AA at the GK Classic. She fought adversity and won. #SimoneBiles #USAG Follow my second account, @gymgirledits

A thank you to the army of survivors. Your bravery will forever transcend through generations to come. Your words will always be remembered. And your actions have changed the culture of gymnastics forever. // @jordyn_wieber @alyraisman @callmeswags @mattlarz @lindsey_lemke @kylestephensxx @baylepickel @simonebiles

Sometimes it takes a long road to find out where we truly belong... // @kyla_ross96 #KylaRoss // Follow @gymgirledits for more collegiate edits! It’s my second account! I am trying to keep this page active and updated, but my followers keep dropping. Tell me below what kind of edits YOU want to see! Do you want just the Fierce Five, or do you want me to branch out into all? Let me know!

This is not our story... // @jordyn_wieber @alyraisman @gabbycvdouglas #JordynWieber #AlyRaisman #GabbyDouglas #McKaylaMaroney // Dedicated to these brave girls and the entire army of survivors, and anyone who has ever been a victim of sexual abuse. You are more than that. Your story is more than that. Your voice matters. Your life matters. You are worth it.

Thank you @jordyn_wieber for your bravery and courage in sharing your painful story with the world. As Kathy Johnson Clark said, “Where there was pain, I now see power.” Use your power Jordyn, and go on and do amazing things! We love and support you. #UCLAGymnastics #TimesUp
Also, a huge thank you to KJ Kindler and Valorie Kondos Fields for creating programs that are a refuge and safe place for elite gymnasts to heal, learn to love themselves and to enjoy this sport all over again. Tonight was an example of the love and passion they have for your programs and athletes.

Check out my second account @gymgirledits for NCAA gymnastics edits.

This quote by @therealmariskahargitay perfectly represents @alyraisman... “Hope. Courage. Freedom. Fearlessness. All things are possible with an open heart - and a joyful heart.” // Consuder making a donation to the Joyful Heart Foundation, an organization set out to transform society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors’ healing, and END this violence forever.” Donate at // @alyraisman #AlyRaisman

“That her soul is richer than most, and that champion can still be revealed... and in gymnastics, she can be remembered forever.” Nastia Liukin, on Jordyn Wieber in 2012 during the London Olympics. // No words to describe the admiration and respect for @jordyn_wieber for coming forward, breaking her silence and standing with the unbreakable army of women to fight against Larry Nassar, USAG, MSU and the USOC. She’s a true hero. // @jordyn_wieber #JordynWieber @nastialiukin #NastiaLiukin

These women are more than victims, they are Olympian’s who have gone on to win gold medals, they are activists, students, collegiate gymnasts, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Thankful for these hero’s who have spoken up and fought against Larry Nassar. // @alyraisman @callmeswags @gabbycvdouglas @simone_biles @lindsey_lemke #AlyRaisman #MaggieNichols #GabbyDouglas #SimoneBiles #LindseyLemke

“A new day is on the horizon.” // (Oprah Winfrey) @callmeswags Aly, Maggie and all the other gymnasts who have stood up to the abuse of Larry Nassar and the misconduct and failed actions of USA Gymnastics, we support you and love you. Enough is enough... times up. // #TimesUp #USAGymnastics #MaggieNichols #OUSooners // Follow my second account, @gymgirledits for more!

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