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Because there’s no place i would rather be than here- in the wilderness with my family.

I’ve been MIA but for good reasons. I’ve taken a time out to really just enjoy being outdoors with my family, disconnecting and just reflecting on what I want this account to be and it’s purpose. To be honest, I still have no clue. I love cooking healthy and sharing recipes but it’s not all I want this page to be. I mean, there are so many accounts that do just that and are WAY better than mine. So, I’ll be doing some reconstruction here and if you want to unfollow that’s cool-but if you want to stay that’s even cooler 😜. If you want, I wrote something about fears and how I overcame some this summer by hiking up in the Sierras.
Right below 👇🏽 .
Darkness lets fears fester and grow until they become stronger over time. If you never allow your fears out, then how do we overcome them?
I’m not saying that hiking is a fear of mine. In fact, hiking and running in the wilderness has been a love of mine. It’s the type of love that my soul feels at home and free. .
However, fear is in all of us. It sneaks up on you like a windshield on a bug. No matter how many trails I’ve hiked or ran, the “what if’s” always start playing games with my mind. For example, “what if I get attacked by a mountain lion or bear?” And of course “what if i get lost and can’t find my way back?” These are two of the MANY thoughts that will go through my head the evening before my next adventure. .
Fear is only as great as we allow it to be. The way I overcome my fears is by facing it and just freaking doing the damn thing. I take a deep breath and just go.
Let me tell you, if I had let fear take control over this particular day, I would’ve missed seeing this beautiful place. I would’ve missed hiking up steep climbs for over 8 miles in the sierra mountains. I would’ve missed collecting obsidian from old chipping grounds from the natives that originally lived here years ago. Lastly, I would have missed out on what it feels like to see the best view after a hard climb. .
So if you have fears, don’t hold onto them-Let them out and vanquish those F-ers! Be free and just live your life to the fullest. You’ve only got one to live.

Lime Berry 🍓All you need is fresh strawberries and fresh lime juice. You mash up all the strawberries and squeeze in the lime juice. Mix it up in a bowl. Taste to make sure it’s not too sour. If it’s sour, you can add some sugar. We like coconut sugar 🤤. Once you like the taste, pour all the ingredients into the popsicle molds. Let them freeze! - love, presley & Kinley

Love this candid of my girls doing what they love. They are creating recipes for popsicles to enjoy this summer. They love to help in the kitchen and having the freedom to create and work together is a beautiful thing. Oh and one more thing- the girls want to create content to share their summer popsicles with all of you 🤗

The Keep Families Together Act. We need to start calling & emailing. All politics aside-this is a humanitarian crisis!!! Let’s wake up!!! These are babies and children and its unacceptable 😡 PLEASE CALL your members of Congress. 202-224-3121. #wethechildren #familiesbelongtogether art by: @lazy.beam

Here’s a how to cut a pineapple 🍍 This kid loves to get in front of the camera every time 😂 .
This pineapple was super ripe and needed to be cut immediately. We enjoyed it with some strawberries and froze the rest of smoothies 🤤 my fave knives are from @williamssonoma

Her mat pilates flow. Slowly scrolling through the video watching her different facial expressions through the workout-kills me.

Favorite snack....freshly cut sweet tators that are thrown into the air fryer for 15 minutes.... with a little avocado spray and seasoning 🤤 dip it in some hummus and enjoy.

Fact: I don’t like watermelon 🍉.
Another Fact: my kids favorite fruit IS watermelon.

Kinley doing her yoga flow this morning. Did you see her check her loose tooth?😂

Kids are out of school and that means preparing their snacks ahead of time for when we want to spontaneously head out of the house for the day. This is our watermelon salad: .
All you need is:
-cantaloupe -watermelon -honeydew -fresh mint
-half slice of lemon juice
Cut the melons 🍉 🍈 and sprinkle some fresh mint, squeeze that lemon 🍋 and mix it all together. Put it in the fridge and enjoy chilled 🤤

Oh. My. Gosh. This fierce female is Ten!! She still loves Star Wars, her hero is Frida Kahlo, and her desire for justice in this world is real! She’s sensitive but strong and She loves to uplift everyone around her. She’s a true friend and would never say anything bad about someone else. She sticks up for people and just tries to encourage kindness. She makes me so damn proud. Keep being you babe. This world needs more you.

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