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this drinking with a straw is some serious business

little party leftovers 🌈

ice cream weather 🍦

she has been practising to blow out the candles for months and was the most excited kid unpacking all (or too many, fml really) birthday gifts today, screaming "ooooh kadoooooo (= dutch for present)". We ate some pie(s) (or liv calls it "taaaaat") and drank some cold vino ( 30 degrees C, need I say more), not complaining though. liv's 2nd birthday party was the best! now I'm off to the cough for tonight πŸ‘‹πŸ».

the world's a playground πŸ’› - excited for liv's birthday party today, yay!

oh your eyes... #livportraits

love this pink colour on her + how cute is the ponytail hahaa! happy weekend!

last weekend I realised I forgot about the birthday treats for daycare, luckily i found these adorable #jipenjanneke booklets in maastricht. ok, I may not win the mom of the year award with them, but I prefer this instead of random plastic toys. + how cute is the @ilovenoodoll party theme from , liv loves them! so today it was time to treat the kids at daycare & of course yesterday we realised daycare is closed today because of bank holiday πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‹πŸ».

oh sunny days ☼

lots of play time, sunny weather, 4 days of weekend and liv's party on sunday! bring it on!

2 going on 12, I tell you :)

my two-year-old β™‘ #livandmamaportraits

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