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nesting...oh hi @carinisms 🤗


The weight of these words by a scumbag in a seat of power. DT, EXPECT resistance...get ready...I f'in MEAN IT.

Marching with @pandamcelroy and grandma Adele..... So much ❤for the women in my life...

Having my Gossip Girl moment

art appreciation with @pandamcelroy #twocrazygirlsdothemet !!

He's reaching for you in his dreams @carinisms 🙌🏻


RIP George Michael. Forever hair envy, voice envy, fab envy. I always say that One More Try was the song that taught me that music could be sad and triumphant. Of course I was 5 when Faith came out, but I'd coveted my moms Wham vinyl (took it to preschool with me to listen on the puke brown playskool record player that was likely in every classroom in 1985). Maybe I felt psychically connected back then, who knows. But thank goodness for that record and that voice.💔

started saying some goodbyes (for now)