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Shelby Sayers  Should really be James and Vada's instagram, let's be honest.

James has grown so much this month it's a little bit hard to handle. It's the time in motherhood when you struggle with the loss of their babyhood but the pride and excitement of what is to come. I love this boy so deeply, his big smooches, his passion for all things hockey and baseball, his inability to listen (even though it drives me mad). This month he started talking and communication has become that much easier. But my favourite most of all is the way he says "I love you." #jsayers

I don't really know if this is the norm, but I feel a tremendous amount of pride for where I grew up. Like almost patriotism for my neighbourhood if that makes any sense?
I lived in Cambrian from my birth until I moved out at 18. Majority of my fondest memories were spent wandering through these neighbourhoods. And as I looked around at the maps on the walls and recognized everything, I felt this unbelievable warmth as if they were maps of the lines on my skin or the walls of my heart.
Also, the food was awesome, but dang if they don't have that atmosphere nailed. πŸ‘Œ #4thspot #cambrianheights #childhood

Ah, but if only Cherry Blossom trees actually lived here in Calgary 😭😍

Totally forgot to post the other day, but this, ladies and gents, is the highlight of my birthday every year. Johns mom makes ice cream cakes that are seriously THE bomb. She has perfected that fudge cookie muddle that DQ is know for and she takes custom requests like my "Black Forest, do what you can!" request.
If anyone wants an ice cream cake she sells these for $40.
Black Forest : Bottom to top: Oreo cookie crust, chocolate ice cream with cherries, Oreo fudge layer mixed with cherry pie filling, black cherry ice cream, whipped cream with chocolate shavings on top.
Are you drooling yet? Another favourite of ours, (and what John requests every year) is the Chocolate Peanut Butter cake 🀀

You guys! He's stringing words together like he isn't a baby anymore or something πŸ˜­πŸ™ˆ #jsayers

Anyone who knows me well knows that A) I have been collecting things and storing them in memory boxes since early childhood and B) I border on horder when it comes to getting rid of anything sentimental. But tonight I pulled all my shoe boxes down out of my bedroom closet and sorted through it all. I threw out an entire black garbage bag worth of things I had either forgotten the meaning to or just didn't need anymore and it was really, really difficult. I think I started with 13 boxes and narrowed it down to 6... I am loving having everything I'm able to stored in this journal. I wonder if one day my kids will go through it, if they will even care or understand what any of the stuff means. Even so, I see myself as an 80 year old woman sitting at my kitchen table perusing these pages.

Matching πŸ‘— because we can.

This little girl loves her @entwinedearth mermaid. Her name is Ariel. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ #vadakathryn

They cared very little about taking a picture with their mom and very much about eating their Unicorn Sundae as fast as humanly possible.

Easter Sundaes at @madebymarcus #vjsayers

I love these two 🐰 with all my heart. Happy Easter all! #vjsayers

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