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Fia Binford  🌻🌻Love, Light, Laughter. What I have I give freely. Bohemian. Gypsy. Songwriter/Singer. Photographer. Poet. Traveler. Up With People Cast A&B 2015 🌻🌻

🎢 βœ¨πŸ’« In these city lights, a girl could get lost tonightβœ¨πŸ’« 🎢

Shout out to my one and only little brother Carter who I adore. I'm so lucky to have you in my life bud!

This is my first ever full body mirror selfie because I'm so proud of my progress actively going to the gym this semester. At the beginning of this year I decided it was time fore a lifestyle change and have been trying to get to the gym 3 days a week or more. It's not about losing weight or looking like a supermodel, in fact I have not lost much weight at all, just toned up and gotten stronger. My goal is just to be fit and healthy so I can be around on this beautiful earth longer! The other day I got my leg press up to 400 and I'm lifting far more than I ever could have at the beginning of this semester. Shout out to the amazing Amazon of a fitness partner that has been my guide, motivation and inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle and love your body through it all @yung.moony . I have not been posting much about this fitness journey because it has been a learning experience and a mainly internal process for me but I am proud to share success and that I have grown to enjoy working out far more than I ever thought I could! #fitness #stillcurvy #loveyourbody

Look at these best friends 😍😭❀😸🐢 #bestfriends #puppylove

So let's talk about this whole #beachbody #summerbody BULL CRAP. Look at my pudgy, squishy rolls and lumps and bumps in all their glory and at an awful angle twisted in an awkward position. So many people would ask me, why would you post that if you think it makes you look fatter than you are? Why? Because I want to support body confidence 100% and I will start with putting my own self out there. I'm not skinny, I am a happily curvy lady, and PLEASE do not comment on this telling me that I shouldn't think I'm fat or anything, that's not what I am saying and that is not what this is about and I am not seeking anyone's affirmations. I am here on social media to talk to you about body shaming. This is MY #beachbody because it is my body and no one but me gets to tell me what is beautiful and what body I get to feel confident in. It's my mountain body too, and my forest body, and my winter body and my autumn body. It's MY BODY. We have all become so obsessed with trying to make ourselves look so perfect on social media, we have forgotten the joy of being able to share beautiful moments with each other through technology. Today I played with my dog on the beach and she was a goober. People who know me know that I spend a great deal of time keeping my social media PG rated, in fact I hesitated to even post a picture of me in a bikini because it shows so much skin, but something I will never encourage sensoring is your beautiful and awesome imperfections that make your body unique. Whether you have more to love or are slim as an arrow, short or tall, any shade of pigmentation, piercings or tattooed, and hair color, you are BEAUTIFUL and you have every right to wear what you want to the beach, or anywhere else for that matter. Take control of your FREEDOM this summer and live undeniably and love fearlessly. Your body belongs to you and you alone, so stop worrying about making it look like something else with filter's and the perfect pose and make the effort to learn how to #lovetheskinyouarein. Don't contribute to body shaming this summer please and stay gorgeous ! 🌻🌼

Now my baby matches me with tie dye β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

Happy Pet Day! Shout out to Bae for being the weird foot eating side kick my heart didn't even know it could love so much ❀

I made a snowflake

It's officially henna season. In case you wanted to know, this is what my disorder looks like to me sometimes . Additionally, this is sloppy and shaken but hey, it's been over a year and a half since I've tried doing henna again.

Because I don't want filters on my life right now. I want truth.

What would I do without these goddesses? #anthropologybabes

For your pleasure. Arya playing with Tucker the kitten. 😍 So glad they get along.

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