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Block B in Amsterdam slideshow; 24-02-'17

> throwback to the ema's with my fave❤

> a babe and an awkward bean ♠️♣️

> this is me trying to fix my theme again. The ebba's were amazingggg yesterday

> ebba's today with the babes

> block b m&g in February and I couldn't be more ready💪🏻👌🏻

> happy new year from me and my main bro❤💥

> little visit at 013 while I was in Tilburg ft femke taking my pic in the background amazing

> its almost christmassss

> had the most amazing day yesterday, 2 more months till i'll officially become an aunt

> Christmas came early this year ahh thanks ro❤️

> what I'd give to see him perform just once in my life❤️