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Matt Lee  I'm a hybrid lifter. A combination of slow and sloppy. I account for lifts and lift financial statements

What's a king without a crown? Not even tripping
#nexttimebaby #backatit #roadstartsnow #AO2018

1st-3rd vid - 95 kg snatch
4th - 185kg front squat
Much thanks for the hospitality and welcome from @waxmansgym truly a great experience in lifting in an old school type vibe of a gym. Also coaching two lifters at the recent world championships is pretty cool too! Lol excited to compete this Sunday at 2pm PCT or 5pm eastern. @jdibarbell #barsatLA #snatch #cleanandjerk #squat

1st vid - 107kg (235lb) snatch
2nd vid - 112lg (246lb) snatch
3rd vid - miss at 115kg (253lb) snatch
4th vid - 135kg (297lb) CJ
Solid way to end the heavy training phase before competing this Sunday at the American Open. Thanks and gratitude for all the support and push today and all the days past @jdibarbell. I'll make sure to make you guys proud. #snatch #cleanandjerk #roadtoao2017 #virus #rogue

Strong day today. I'm happy that each day is feeling better than the previous. Weightlifting is all about timing in both the lifts and preparation for competition. Eager to see what is to come next. @jdibarbell #cleanandjerk #frontsquat #weightlifting #roadtoao2017 #lesssgo

Another day thru the grinder. Shitty attempt at power clean at 140kg. But im happy that im feeling more comfortable with higher numbers. Time to build on this. #clean #jerk #power #weightlifting #roadtoao2017

Well at least my legs still got some juice in them. Just waiting for the rest of my body now. Two more weeks! I will compete on Sunday at 2pm PCT or 5pm eastern. I will post live stream link soon. Pls watch.

A whole buffet of gains today with the.late night crew @jdibarbell I feel like I'm turning it around for the better. Excited to be in Cali for AO Finals in a few weeks!!!

A little Funday Sunday action today with the OG crew @slyons_ @epglenn @coachshowtime today. 6 doubles at 102kg (225lb) and then some death sets of back squats 3x5@153 (336lb) then 1x5 @175 (385lb) #snatch #todaywasagoodday #squats

1st vid- 150 clean from hip (PR baby!!)
2nd vid - 2x 140kg clean from hip
3rd vid - 2x100kg snatch from hip

I think I'm coming back baby and just in time for American Open in about 4 weeks!! @jdibarbell shutout to the late night crew on Fridays. Best place to be at this time. #usaw #roadtoao #snatch #cleanandjerk #jdibarbell #hipsdontlie

PR Triple Snatch at 110kg (~245lb) baby!!! Great night of Lifting and Holloween spirit! (Except for me since I had no costume 😑😑😑) love being part of this community @jdibarbell I feel I'm getting better each day which is great since AO Finals is coming up soon! #roadtoao2017 #snatch #holloween #weightlifting

Not too bad yesterday... weeks are counting down until American Open Finals (6 weeks left!!) Shout out to @mster_mdnght for the old school singlet lol #excusethenipslip #oldschool #cleanandjerk #squats @jdibarbell

Doubles all the way until 117kg. Almost a triple at 110kg and a weak ass attempt at a double at 113kg lol. The path to each set/video was filled with a huge push by the @jdibarbell crew. I almost left with a crappy 100kg single but left almost hitting 117kg. Thanks to @mster_mdnght @raycharles2thefullest @jason_jerkovv @ali100kg @bueller_123 @kim.eliotfung @lilzluu @iloveicetea2

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