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Matt Lee  I'm a hybrid lifter. A combination of slow and sloppy.

Getting things ready for the AO series II after the Pan Ams!! Lessgoooo!!! @usaw

118(260lb)/ 150(330lb) snatch and clean and jerk respectively. Last heavy day before competing in Miami next week. @jdibarbell Thanks to @yashakahn for the help!!

So this just happened lol. I'm gonna need a new one stat. @raycharles2thefullest @jason_jerkovv @mster_mdnght @shnreardon @koing.chea.94kg

140kg (~308lb) c and j double. Trying to make this weight feel normal. @jdibarbell
thanks to these guys for all the help/criticism lol. Miami in one more week(ish)!!! @jesseirizarry @mster_mdnght @jason_jerkovv @smartcookiebart @koing.chea.94kg

255lb (116kg) snatch off blocks after doing a bunch of doubles. Then squatted 405 (184 kg) x6 reps and 440lb (200kg) x 2 reps. Getting ready for AO series II in Miami!! @raycharles2thefullest @pinoy_macoy

Took 2nd in my first strongman comp today! For not doing any of the movements I'll take it lol. Thanks to @coachkennynecf for his advice and help on technique. Shout out to all my strong ass teammates from @northeastcrossfit Major thanks to all the spectators and supporters from our gym!!

3' deficit snatch pulls- worked my way up to 445lb (202kg) with a 3 sec pause on top. @raycharles2thefullest @coachkennynecf getting ready for this saturday!!

Snatches from last night. First vid is 90kg (~200lb) and second is 110 kg (242lb). Shout to the late night crew with @mster_mdnght @jason_jerkovv @shnreardon @ali100kg @yardentamari

2+1@ 140kg (308lb) & 147kg (325lb)

1+1@ 155kg (341lb) & 161kg (355lb - 8lb PR!!) Big PR at clean and jerk for ~355lb (161kg). Major thanks to @jesseirizarry for advice - beers are on me lol.

I like this painting at my office.... something about it... the dog is looking one way and the other is looking at the other. And the guy at the end is giving me this look like "what do you want from me!?" #Goodfellas #lookslikesomeoneweknow

Snatch grip DL - 405lb (184kg) x 3

When you're trying to find that middle ground between training for weightlifting and strongman you follow @coachkennynecf list of lifts that coincidently and conveniently help both!! Two weeks away till game time!!

"I got a face that only your bitch could love..." - Isaiah Rashad

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