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Matt Lee  24hr freak/average joe at JDI 3rd team all-american American Open 2017 Drop Out I'm a hybrid lifter. A combination of slow and sloppy.

After a top triple at 440 lb (200 kg) I went for a heavy-ish single at 465lb (210kg). Then some snatch drills to help with my timing and getting under the bar more. Time to maintain my strength while improving on some much needed weightlifting skills. @raycharles2thefullest @shaunasauruss @sexymanstan

116(255lb)/155 (341lb) for a 271 total!! Thanks to @raycharles2thefullest and @cwingkeung for helping me out during my session. Considering that my cycles haven't gone well for me and hitting 80% was very troublesome throughout my training I am very happy hitting 90%+ today. Thank you to @crossfit_newhaven for being great hosts!! I hope to build on this and make a weight class change. Now time for some bbq!!! Ps shout out to @traviscooper77kg for showing some love! Also giving me some extra rest too lolol.

#TBT back when I was a wee lad (in weightlifting years - hell I prob was more a crossfitter then) about 3 years ago and made my first 315lb clean for a milestone PR. I was prob around 235ish lbs (~107kg). Now I can power clean this weight for a triple with a jerk to top it off.
Also shout out to @raycharles2thefullest for taping and telling me to "jerk it!" Lol. @northeastcrossfit

Last heavy day before the meet. Wanted to try to go beltless for as long as possible and went up to 440lb (200kg) beltless then had to do 485lb (220kg) with a belt or else I would have died lol. My head damn near exploded on my way up on my last single. Here's to 3 days of recovery and getting ready to smash some lifts with @raycharles2thefullest at @crossfit_newhaven

A little max out/ heavy session yesterday to prepare for my meet this Sunday at @newhavenweightliftingclub with @raycharles2thefullest. Was able to go 109kg (240lb)/ 150kg (330lb) in snatch and c+j respectively. Looking to have a great time this Sunday! If you're in the area stop by!

Imma rant real quick but first... a failed jerk at 315... speaking of failed jerks who are also failures at lifting (another lesson as per requested @ladybug_11 @mster_mdnght) I've had the pleasure of being yelled at for "taking too long on the barbell" oh I didn't know there was rsvp times for the barbells or "machines" you said verbatim. If any of you 24 hr jerkoffs want to say something about lifting on the barbells too long I want you to take a look at my post history. And if you can reasonably lift 90% of my maxes then u can say something. But don't come with your 225lb deadlift b.s. with shitty form like we owe you our time on the bar. Get off your high horse. Even though I KNOW I can outlift most or if not all in this gym, I patiently wait and use it as a way to mobilize this mangled body. So if your the asshole reading this, why don't you try to actually get stronger rather than yelling at us for 20 mins of shitty deadlifting. I wish u were there to smack this fool down @__jayyden @renvissvnce_man @raycharles2thefullest @slyons_

305lb (139kg) cj single / 485lb (220kg) x3 clean deadlift

A little something from yesterday. This past week i felt like I got hit by a truck every night cuz I woke up every morning like I was gonna die. Possibly a bad fever or flu?? Anyways felt okay on Sunday and was able to squeeze this workout with @raycharles2thefullest @jayelesz thanks for the push.

2x100kg (220lb) power snatch

Me a week ago: "can't wait for this deload week!!" Me today: ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… But you know in school if you only go 60% or 65% it's almost considered failing so it's important to realize that sometimes you gotta fail at failing to achieve non - failure. This is for you two @ladybug_11 @mster_mdnght since y'all wanted my $0.02.

Long post. Pls dont read
#tbt when I had a mostly bad day at the American Open Finals. This performance which would give me the distinction of 3rd team All-american weightlifter @billymags thanks for all the support from everyone during my lowest point of my illustrious career. I have cried every night since this comp about my regrets and failings. It is important to learn from your failings. Your failures are what is important for you to learn from. Learning from your failures is of the utmost importance. I can go on and on about failure... But what about learning from them? That's important too. Life has its successes and failures. You can only learn from one of the two. I think it's more important to learn from failure. Not learning from your failures is tragic and an imoortant opportunity is lost in learning from failure. And if you read all this you are a failure and let this be an important lesson about.... Learning from failure.

Again with the disrespect of the camera!!! Worked up to 185lb (85kg) triple muscle snatch + double snatch push press. Then did some slow ass Clean pulls (pref 6 secs up and 6 secs down) .
Would also like to shout to to @slickvic307 and @carolinemac420 for having a lovely wedding! It was so much fun seeing you two share this special moment with me and those who attended. Much love!!

What a night man. Some good ass tunes from a future underground legend aka the third coast representative aka the king of the south aka krizzle aka Big K.R.I.T. With da homie @mster_mdnght
Also much thanks to @shnreardon @javelar159 @vasily_polovnikov for continuing this hella fun night. Fuck yes to everyone. Fuck yes.

On a scale from "what the fuck" to "go fuck yourself" where would you rate today's workout? @jdibarbell @slyons_ @raycharles2thefullest #soulslices #justfuckmeupfam #motrinpls

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