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If you wonder where I am, check link in bio ;)

Blog Update on Patreon, go check it out if you are a subscriber :P
If not - well, let’s just say you are missing out. Link in bio.

How are things here, Instagram?
This and more new pictures in high res and all that good stuff on Patreon. Link in bio.

Hello, Instagram. Or should I say goodbye? Well, it’s not, but let’s talk.
Some of you see that I do nice quality pictures. And this is my first problem with Instagram - 80% of quality goes away which sucks a ton.
My second problem is feedback. I get a lot of idiots in DM and not a lot of smart ones. I want to have a conversation with you guys. Likes are great and so, but I want to hear feedback or something.
I’m not stopping uploading, but I’ll be less active for a while. If you want to see more quality pictures, consider following me at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ffeetnjeans. A lot of stuff happening there right now.

4 New Sets
3 Tiers
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Also there’s a little tease on Patreon and new picture already :P

So, who’s wearing what for Halloween?

3 new photosets are coming :O

Trick or treat?


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