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fernanda pérez  yes, ik, my feed is an awful mess

tfw the sun's too bright and you forgot your sunglasses

yellow books 💛

sorry to whoever's door this is for invading your privacy by taking a picture in front of it

ugly and awkward but the background was too pretty to refrain me from posting it

💗the perfect way to ruin my theme but who cares right. --
if you have any idea of what it's been like for me to be a fan of these lovely individuals, then you'll understand how much these pictures mean to me and im forever grateful that i stayed and got to experience them.
6 years, 2/4 glo ups and i could not be happier 🌘

a glimpse of my tbr pile (+ rainbow rowell, just bc i love her)


my biggest concern whilst taking this picture was the amount of bees this could've attracted

pretty in copper

thank you @jojomoyesofficial for ruining my life and thank you @adrian.ilvon for not judging me even after i cried like a mad person

did you guys know that sitting in the middle of the street is not safe. wouldn't recommend.

transparent can for my aesthetic needs

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