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Lee  I make prop replicas for a living, and do a bit o' costuming from time to time!


Haven't posted in a while, but here's a reaper emblem I sculpted.... was in a car accident, and having to stick to small stuff until my arm gets better.

Finally added these guys to the shop :D

Pewpewpew! Most of the main body's biult on Batbarella's gun! There's some side modles and a pair of inner tubes to add, but its comingnalong nicely! VERY happy with the African Padauk I chose for the stock :3

Finished off McCree buckle, Coldcast resin, and polished :D
It'll be in the online shop in a moment!

Want a badass buckle of , so banging this together between breaks :)

Building out barbarella's gun!

Long time no pez! I'm over on twitch, working on a batman origins armor :D fine me at www.twitch.tv/fevereon1 !

I'm finally back on twitch@ fevereon1 :D! Will be there working on reapers mask from overwatch this evening for a sculpting panel at momocon next weekend!

Whoa, forgot I sculpted these... old sculpt wips from the 90's ! Left to right: Kazama Kazuki (samurai spirits IV), Duo Maxwell bust (gundam wing), musashi (brave fencer musashi), squall upper bust (FFVIII)

Completed original sword design! Resin and wood

Need to add cult the end caps, then it's on to molding :)

I powdered the mold with silver powder to make it easier to see the bits that need cleanup! When sanding, the pits will still be silver, and I'll either sand it down flush, of fill in the pits. The powdered pull is really highlighting the design :D

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