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Stirlsey Lindling  Linsay Sterling is my idol ~ Lindsey's thighs are THICC Jk Linds ily 💜 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🔥Viola & Violin🔥 ~~(Mostly viola)~~

Jelly fish

Uhh I dont know whats going on right know this is the other person

Hello, this is the original owner of this account. I’ve made someone take over it because I no longer think that i belong in this fandom. There’s nothing else to say lol. I mean i guess i could say that i’m never coming back EVER. jkjk i’ll come back just don’t know when. I’m trying to focus more on school (that’s funny). Theres other reasons but i’m not that open to share.


Only Lindsey can find a perfectly tuned and rosined violin and bow in the middle of no where @lindseystirling

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