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(5/5 Dream Diaries ⚡️)
Ayham, 8 years old from Syria. He now lives in Austria.
‘’I want to be a super hero with golden bracelets, like Wonder Woman. I would end the fighting in Syria and then I would go back and kiss everything, really everything, also the bananas and the watermelons.’’
Story by @humansofamsterdam
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In collaboration with @refugees /Photo by Fetching_tigerss/UNHCR/Dimedrol68/Shutterstock.com

(4/5 Dream Diaries ✨)
Manaal, 14 years old from Somalia. She now lives in The Netherlands
‘’I have only been in an airplane once and that is when we arrived here from Somalia. In the airplane, I felt butterflies in my stomach the whole time. When we arrived at the airport, I finally saw my dad again. I had not seen him for a very long time. So I ran up to him and hugged him really tight. A while back, I saw a movie about a stewardess and she looked so pretty and smart that I decided I want to become a stewardess as well. I want to be able to travel, see Paris and have butterflies in my stomach.’’
Story by @humansofamsterdam
In collaboration with @unhcr_nederland and @refugees | Photo by Fetching_tigerss/UNHCR/popcatter/Shutterstock.com

(3/5 Dream Diaries 💥)
Meet Hannah, 7 years old from Syria. She now lives in Germany.
Hannah has a twin brother who is still in Syria. She misses him a lot. Hannah is only seven but she is incredibly smart. When her grandmother and uncle decided to leave and come to Germany, her parents decided it was best for her if she would come along. According to her uncle she really misses her parents and he tries to be a father figure to Hannah. He said: ‘’I obviously cannot replace her parents but I try to be here for her. Luckily she is a very strong girl; strong like a lion.
Story by @humansofamsterdam
In collaboration with @unhcr_germany and @refugees | Photo by Fetching_tigerss/UNHCR/Maggy Meyer/Shutterstock.com

(2/5 Dream Diaries 🥀)
Meet Roussel 10 years old from Syria. She now lives in Switzerland.
‘’I have a poor memory so I don’t really remember much of our journey to Switzerland but I do remember my first day in school here. Everyone spoke French and the only thing I knew how to say was: ‘Bonjour’. I was really lucky because there was another Kurdish girl in my class so I had someone I could speak with. Now I speak French and I have made a lot of other friends but she remains my best friend. When I am not in school I play with my sisters. We play this game where all three of us are secret agents. Than we wake up our grandmother and we hide behind the curtains. She is really smart because she always finds us. When I am alone in my room my favourite thing to do is dancing. I also love dancing with my sisters and friends. When we are grumpy or sad we dance. It lifts our spirits.’’ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In collaboration with @refugees , (Photo by Fetching_tigerss/UNHCR/Image Source Trading Ltd /Shutterstock.com)

(1/5 Dream Diaries 🌙)
Meet Ghazel, 10 years old from Syria. She now lives in Switzerland.
‘’My biggest dream is that all people would have wings, just like angels. Then, we would all be able to fly, hug the moon and touch the sky.’’
Story by @humansofamsterdam.
Over the next 15 days, I will be sharing a photo series with you that I have been working on for the past year called ‘The Dream Diaries’. Together with @HumansofAmsterdam and the UN Refugee Agency (@refugees) I have been traveling through Europe to meet children who fled their home countries due to war and persecution, leaving everything behind except their hopes and dreams of a better future. Now they are creating new lives in Europe. Through engaging with the many children we met, they shared their dreams with us. Once we had gathered their stories and dreams, we created an image to symbolize those dreams. I am really proud that I could be a part of this project and I hope you guys like it as much as I do 🙈.
Photo by Fetching_tigerss/UNHCR/Claudio Divizia/Shutterstock.com

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Aah in 4 days I am launching a super exciting project here on this account together with my friend @debrabarraud 🙈 lets just say that we traveled 7000 km through 5 different countries to get the pictures we wanted ...☁️

Tuesday will mark my fifth year here on the gram. And this is my 500th post. I basically grew up on social media, but it hasn't always been easy. My account grew quickly and it was a dream come true being able to share my images with so many wonderful people from all over the world. But with 'likes' came pressure , and me being ... me, it would often get me down. There was this constant feeling of creating images that others would like, instead of images that I like. Last year it 'finally' became too much and I broke down. I remember crying in my bed and feeling so alone, while I knew all the rest of the world could see were 'my 900.000 instagram followers'. From that moment on I knew things needed to change and up till today I am still working on finding my own style that I like , one picture at a time. I hope thats okay with you guys 😉.
Though these last five years have been difficult, I am so glad I got the opportunity to share my work with all of you. Thank you for your constant support ❤️.

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