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I’ll sit and watch your car burn
with the fire that you started in me

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In this picture I want to visualize the concept of vulnerability on the internet. How much do we show the rest of the world and in what way? Do we choose to open up , or do we hide. Do we highlight only the good, or do we also share the bad? And if we choose to show the bad, do we still make sure it is staged? I have noticed this new trend of “influencers” wanting to show real stuff. You know those pictures where they show us their bellies when they are sitting, with the actual organs in them and where they look like normal human beings. The ones where they take of their make up but still make sure they have good lighting so they good anyway. How do we distinguish what is real reality and what is fake reality. Showing real life and vulnerability seem to be trending, but how real is it? How real are we? Share your thoughts below 🧠⚡️

I Miss You (part lll)

Suppp guys, this is the last post in this series! Should I do little series like this more often? Let me know 😊. Also a little life update, I am on my summer break rn and I finally moved out of the house to a new city, where I now live in a small studio-room-ish. Life has been treating me quite well and photography wise I am giving my self a little more time and space to find out what I want. I start artschool next month so that is going to be exciting. I am also working on some cool projects, but more about those later. I hope you all are well, anyways let me know in the commments because I feel like I haven’t really connected with you guys in a while 💁🏼‍♀️

Blown out ☁️ (a visual representation of what having a creative block feels like haaa it’s a mood)

I’ll wait 🥀

Not an edit, but happy to share with you guys that I finally graduated highschool! GESLAAGD voor vwo! 💃

I miss you (part ll)

the secret of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean 🌊

Overthinking 🌙

Are you a day or a night person? 🌙🌞 Funfact: I took this picture over a year ago but never got to editing it... until now!

Time in Space, Space in Time

Burning flowers & fumes ☁️ (no I don’t smoke)

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