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Festember, NIT Trichy  The Annual National level Cultural Festival of NIT Trichy. Registration link for FCA:

The world is not always how we percieve it. Who's to tell if it is the darkness that shrouds the light or the light that illuminates the darkness.
Up next in Poetry Week, Festember delves into the paradoxical nature of perception - hope and despair.

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Film-making is the culmination of work from different aspects of the field, fitting in precisely to make a masterpiece. The little details etch the biggest difference.
Festember's RRFF presents three people who have made their impression with skillful contributions.

Known for his directorial ventures in short films, Bejoy Nambiar was one of the jury members for the India Film Project. His feature films Shaitan and David were spellbinding in their respective genres.
Next in the line up, we present Richard Kevin. With memorable flicks up his stride, his editing was instrumental in Vikram Vedha's success.
Finally, Iraivi, Goli Soda and Maari wouldn't have been complete without Vijay Murugan's role as Art director. His acting execution as an antagonist was perceived as detrimental screen presence.

With these elite cineastes, RRFF will be the premier destination for aspiring filmmakers.


Often the mind soars
Around a thought, so void-
“How things are exactly the way they are”
The sky is blue.
And Blue is cold.
My blood is red.
And Red is warm.
The young wind kisses my cheek,
As I lay blushing on the grass that’s Green.

I feel the dew tickling my spine,
But I don’t laugh, for I am in awe.
Struck by the magnificence of the trees.
I wish to look through their eyes,
I wish to reflect on centuries in nostalgia,
I wish to squeeze the experience off the barks,
And dig for wisdom down the roots,
Seeking the answers which fill the void,
The answers that quench my thoughts.

Walking the boulevards of the city I happen to be in,
Alongside my friend who happens to be my friend,
I am lost in wonder.
I stroll stupefied along the streets,
Overwhelmed by the consequences
Of every seemingly miniscule choice we make,
And every decision we take.

Every flower I pick,
Every stone I kick;
Brings me to this very moment.
I am lost in fantasy.
Lost in my soul’s Eden.
Lost in a world without Adam by my side,
A world without the inseparable people of my life,
Without the friends,
Devoid this family.

I am among people I have never seen before,
People I have never known yet,
Perhaps living in oblivion.
Yet it seemed like we are all stitches on a fabric:
A fabric of different colors,
And different textures.

Having realized how myopic our desires are,
And how trivial our attachments are,
I see a fruit from a tree forbidden.
I believe I see how it all began.
But I fail to comprehend,
How we have steered to this day, since then,
Exactly the way we have.
We have the boon of knowledge,
But the bane of death.

Staring at the perpetual night,
I admire the firmament, a beautiful noir.
Garnished with stars all over.
Enraptured, I lay,
Questioning the very existence of this world:
The world that fell a few leagues shy of doom;
The world ever since blooming with tulips of life;
The world we all call home.
Around a thought, so void,
Often the mind soars, “How things happened exactly the way they did.”
“How things are exactly the way they are.” -  Eve

#Festember #AnArabianOdyssey #PoetryWeek #Poetry

Its back, and better than ever before!
Get ready to drop the bass, as the power of rock and roll consumes you once more.
Festember presents Gigahertz: the battle of the bands, this 19th of August.
Be sure to head to Fandom, Bangalore for a night of epic proportions.

#Festember #AnArabianOdyssey
#Gigahertz #Music

71 years after India's Tryst with Destiny, the nation continues to grow and develop. Festember wishes to celebrate this monumental day with a series of Haikus highlighting the freedom struggle. This will be the first in a series of invigorating poems as a part of Poetry Week. Stay tuned for more.

#Festember #AnArabianOdyssey

Are you a spontaneous leader and an influential commander? Then drop in an application for the 'Festember Campus Ambassador' to make Festember a more momentous fest for your fellow college mates! Free accommodation, workshop tickets and other amazing goodies await you along with an extraordinary opportunity to interact with a ProShow artist. Stand in the forefront to lead your troupe into the grand Arabian Odyssey!

Registration link in bio
#Festember #AnArabianOdyssey #FestemberCampusAmbassador

We at Festember are delighted to present the set of judges for Trichy Tilt.
Beginning the lineup is Kunal Daswani, a leading photographer in Chennai, with over a decade of experience and mastery in fashion, food and commerical photography.
Arjun Mark was the only Indian member on the jury of the prestigious WPGA awards in 2011. An advertising and editorial photographer by profession, he is considered to be a pioneer in creative photography.
Rathika Ramasamy is a passionate wildlife photographer and has won the International Camera Fair award. She also founded the Photography Arts Association of India.
Commencing his photography journey at the tender age of 12, Samar Singh Virdi is an inspiration to many aspiring photographers. His photo was featured by Apple Inc. He was also a finalist of National Geographic's reality show "Your Shot".
Concluding the list is Radhika Pandit, a wedding photographer by profession, who gained recognition in all major award bodies through her creative clicks. She embraces candid photography, as they involve the photographer as a photojournalist.
#Festember #ArabianOdyssey

Festember is all set to spread its wings of social responsibility by conducting this year's edition of Pages, a book donation drive to set up a library in a corporation school in Coimbatore, on 13th August 2018. The books will be donated by the students of SSVM World School and the event is sponsored by Amar Chitra Katha. Here's to a better future for the youth of India!


Prior to the on-campus frenzy, Festember takes a tri-state trip with three back to back weekends of thrilling outreach events. The journey starts at Gig-a-Hertz, Bangalore where rock-bands will battle it out. Moving eastward, the Rolling Reels Film Festival at Chennai will provide a show of talent by aspiring film directors. The last stop will be Gig-a-Hertz, Kochi, where the battle of the bands will continue. Are you ready?

#Festember #AnArabianOdyssey #RRFF #RollingYourWay #GigaHertz

Photographs are manifestations of everlasting memories. Now get ready to wield your cameras and bring your snaps to life in this year's edition of Trichy Tilt by Festember. Your jaw dropping clicks stand a chance to win prizes upto INR 35K!

Get ready to shoot your way to glory!

Check link in bio.

#Festember #AnArabianOdessey #TrichyTilt #Photography

"Opportunities don't happen, you create them”. - Anonymous
Rolling Reels Film Festival is proud to present its association with Gautham Vasudev Menon’s production house, Ondraga Entertainment. Taking it up a notch, the winners of RRFF will also get a chance to pitch their story to Ondraga Entertainment and have their film produced under this prestigious banner. The popular YouTube web series-Weekend Machan was produced under the mentorship of GVM and your short film could be next!
So get those creative juices flowing, outdo and outshine the competition to grab the chance to bring your dream script to life!
#Festember #AnArabianOdyssey #RRFF #RollingYourWay

Symphony has been one of the most successful events of Festember by far. With an overwhelming response of close to 200 entries, the judging process was an arduous task that demanded much introspection. After a lot of debate and discourse we have chosen the three voices whose vocal talent were proven to be something special.
We announce the much awaited results of Symphony '18!

1st Prize - Neelima Sunil - NIT Calicut
2nd Prize - Kavya Rajesh - NSS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
3rd Prize - Navya V - NIT Trichy

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!
We thank all the participants for their entries.

#Festember #AnArabianOdyssey #Symphony

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