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Mitchy Fesh  The life of the party!!!!!

I got a picture with A Very Good Waiter!

Hey, so, I started @xtremelyseriouswrestling a little under a year ago and we’ve got a big show tomorrow. It’s at the Pit, a place where, in the basement, an improv team i was on called Luchador performed once, years ago, wherein JZT wore an Ophidian mask. Ophidian was one of my trainers durin my year and a half stint of trainin at the Chikara WrestleFactory a few years after that. I had my first real pro wrestling match in a tag match against Ophidian towards the end of 2016. He pinned me. Now here we are, tomorrow at 9:30pm, Pit Striker, the main stage, I’m wrestling Ophidian, again. This time, one-on-one and I’m walkin in the champ. Come see how I walk out.

Yes!!!! #yoda


When the coke bottle ain’t a twist off cap

I only wear this shirt now.

Remember when Harris Wittels read (a few pages of) Annie Hall 2?

Bathroom at the Pit! @xtremelyseriouswrestling presents Show of Honor: The Unexpected Visitor at said Pit on Friday, August 17th, 9:30pm!

Gets your tickets to the BLASTER show!!!


Me at a party when I was 22. Man, I was hot. How the hell am I about to turn 28? Damn. Shout outs to the og Big Cas and Jack Fuckin Straton!

Hahahahaha! They might as well have had “Your hairline” as an option.

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