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Ferny.  INFP.

Accidental pregnancies one and two.

“i know that the moon is watchin’
everyday it passes we’re not talkin’
[redacted: if this goes on through december
think your birthday to remember]
how/then the sun it came and went in
another phase, like is happenin’ today

and that is when I knew
this would all pass soon
even though you’re a ghost
someday you’ll be my moon.” ㅤ__________________________________________

“we return to each other
like the waves of ocean water
this is how the tides come rolling
when the 4th shifts over to the whole
and even though you don’t resent him
the day will come when this ends and we win

and that is how I knew
this would all pass soon
even though you’re a ghost
someday you’ll be my moon
soon, soon”

For fuck’s sake, how many times am I gonna fall in love? 😭😭😭😭 Here’s harpist @naomi.greene singing in French while @annabanoona and I were off in lala land.

Oh, and then I fell in love again 30 minutes later when when the little canary @whistlerssista flew on stage. 🕊🐥

I need help. 💙

The greatest book I’ve ever read.

Thank you @rupikaur_

Daniel Schmidt. 8/23/17

HAAAALP MY EYES!!! #totality

Well.... here we go.
Update: that was one of the most beautiful album I've ever heard. My eyes got watery so many times. 💙

I am all that I need
And I'll be till I'm through
And I'm light on my feet
Good to be without you
[Distant light, distant dancer]
Mute at Midnight she Might Look Like the answer
But I'm all that I nee-

So, it's true I've gone too far to find you
And the thumbprint scar I let define you
Was a myth I made you measure up to

Are you alone?
I don't believe you
Are you at home? I'll come right now
I need to see you
"I don't need you"
I was a child in the ivy then
I never knew you, you knew me
Not like you knew me
Off on the other ocean now
All is behind you, all is sea


Who stole the life from you?
Who turned you so against you?
Who was the thief, who shaved your teeth

Can you be slow for a little while?
Widow your soul for another mile?
I'm just the same as when
You saw me back then
And we're bound to be reconciled
We're bound to be reconciled


Life unfolds in pools of gold
I am only owed this shape if I make a line to hold
To be held within one's self is deathlike, oh I know

How could it all fall in one day?
Were we too sure of the sun?

If you need to, keep time on me
If you need to, keep time on me
[Fuck this noise]
[Cut to June]

So, do
You think the smoke it won't enfold you?
Or there'll be someone waiting for you
Off in the distance, then?

If only anything could change you
If only you knew what you claim to
If only every sign you cling to
If only they were so

I knew you fine, sight dream of mine
But I know my eyes, they've often lied

Blind love couldn't win
As the facts all came in

It was a fool's errand
Waiting for a sign
But I can't leave until the sight comes to mind
I was thin and I saw life in you

Quick story and sentimental post ahead:
Before I went into work today I saw I had a package from Amazon. I thought it was a bit odd considering I hadn't ordered anything. I opened it anyway.... It was a book.

"What? I don't read! This is obviously a mistake," my brain said. Just kidding. :p No, but seriously, I was rather perplexed considering I hadn't bought a paperback in quite some time.

And then I realized it was a gift....

~*cue the watery eyes*~

"Who the fuck would send me a book," was all I could think.

It was @annabanoona.

She knew my family and I've been going through some rough times recently, and took it upon herself to make sure I was okay.

This woman has seriously been there for me since the day we met almost 4 years ago. Even when I've been emotionally distant, even on my most pathetic day. How did I ever get so lucky to have a friend like you?

You will see this when you see it, but I love you, Anna. You are the sweetest person I know, and I aspire to be a friend like you every day of my life.

"A friend is someone who supports your breath. A soul for your soul. A place for your life. Know this: sun or water, here or away. We leave. And we stay."—Nayyirah Waheed

Miserable here cause i long to see god
Falsely believe it's a long time he's got

Spending my days working for what I bought
On the promise of freedom and life that I want

Waiting on her with your love as friend
To watch her in pain go with him again

People: no. There's an end.
People know there's an end.
How much of life is lost in waitin'?

Blah blah blah.

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