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f.c.  "Life unfolds in pools of gold, I am only owed this shape if I make a line to hold."

"My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run."

Worse than a roommate.

Take like #20 , thought I finally calmed them down when this shit happens.... -_- "Fuck it, I'll perform for them," I thought. And much to my surprise it was a smashing success! XD here are the genius impromptu lyrics that transpired: "I don't want to see you guys fighting. Can't you just get along? Motherfuckers, yeah yeah. Oh, liking that song? So I will sing to calm you down, so I don't have to see you fight around. *laughs cause it's actually working* Do you like this song? Or do you just wanna eat some food, some food? I can tell you are very hungry, you're staring at me!"

How fucking badass was that scream? Damn I love it when bands get lost in their performances! :D You should all go check out Big Thief and give em a like on Facebook.
I was lucky enough to chat with them a bit after the show. Took me a while to muster up the courage, but I'm glad I did. :p They're such lovely people, and Adrianne gave me a free vinyl!
It's cute how modest they are. I think they're in that stage where things feel a bit surreal, and it hasn't quite yet hit how quickly their fan base is growing. It's always the first couple years that are the hardest. But the crazy part is that growth is exponential, not linear. It will happen all at once and knock your socks off when it does.
@bigthiefmusic #bigthief

The fucking Jedi. 💙@bigthiefmusic

Let me just beautify your feeds real quick. "Vegas ," by Big Thief.

Awww, I love these Newbies. 💙Sexy beast (a.k.a. Mom) and accident #1 (older sis).

Story time part 2: success. 😎😉 Was up there dancing until this closing song (Carmensita)! :D

Story time part 1:

It's the encore, I'm jamming to this sexy disco, when outta nowhere BAM! 3 chicks jump on stage. Feeling himself, Devendra Banhart says "it& #39;s okay, come on stage." Hearing that, some chick on the left bolts on like flash. Woman in the front hops over the gate and takes center stage after helping her boyfriend up. Chick with flailing arms comes in on the right. Another woman literally CRAWLS up the center. Being the gentlemen he is, Devendra even helps a woman out himself. A bunch of other people start rushing the stage. And that's when I stopped recording cause I was like, "FUCK IT! I'M FITTINA JUMP ON STAGE AND DANCE WITH DEVENDRA TOO!!!!"

Can't even tell you what I was singing. It was all gibberish.

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