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Fernanda Cuevas  Life is a horizontal fall TROTAMUNDOS⛵️ Snapchat: fercuevas123

Happy birthday to Tequila’s favorite uncle!! Eres pura sabiduria, calma, paz, prosperidad. Gracias por hacer mi vida mejor por tantos años ya; por llevarme a lugares inimaginables (no siempre legales) por hacer que mis momentos mas duros se sientan compartidos por eso y mas te queremos, te extrañamos y pronto muy pronto nos vemos. Iloveyou GibyGibs ❤️

And i know it’s messed up but i can’t get enough of you, Madness. #canyouseemenow

I’m all drools for you too. 🤤 #Valentina #5Months

Happy mother’s day!! For all my life i’ve felt like the luckiest gal on the planet 🌎 If i got you, i got everything. 💕


Truth be told i cant imagine a me without a you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the brightest, kindest soul i know. ILoveU ❤️

So you can meet me at...

Wet wet wet babies. 💙 #Tequila

TBT. Appreciation post for this crazy bunch, Mi familia. Thank you for snow playing with us while compromising all of your back conditions. ilovey #missyoulikecrazy


Happppyyyy birtthhddaaaayy!! A day like today a light was born. Baby it’s easy to say you’re a blessing to everyone around you, that you’re energy, light, strenght, positivism... My blessing is i get to feed off of that foreveeerr; Thank you for going through hell and back with me. Are you ready for the/our next decade ? It’s looking pretty good. 😉 Iloveyou so much my honey bunch... Now lets go do some celebrating 🎉 💕 #tolife

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my fav selfie/driking/coffee/traveling partner. You’re a human beyond words, a man beyond expectations. You’ve set the bar so high it’s almost impossible to reach; I’ve watched you strive for greatness and achieve it, i’ve whatched you work insane amounts of hours and you do it effortlessly, because you love everything you do. Most of all i’ve experienced how kind hearted you are, how humble you’ve stayed... Thank you grandpa for giving me infinite amounts of love, for playing a role in my life none else could fill; For encouraging me to dream without limits and for always ALWAYS believing in me. ❤️ ILOVEYOU

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