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Rucci  lover

I posted something similar to this once..but I like these pictures better. And I want to re-emphasize how great of a human @lowkeysavig is.
APPRECIATION POST** Savannah, you are truly an inspiration-to not only myself but everyone around you. The way you radiate pure joy on a constant basis is so heavenly. Thank you thank you thank you for setting such a beautiful example of turning your trials into joy. Thank you for being so supportive during my recovery and for loving the hell out of me through it all. You are so loved and so valued and so cherished sis👯‍♀️

Catch u on the fLiP siDe✌🏽

sharing this again bc i love these kidz & im definitely gonna miss em❤️

Thus far, in my existence, I haven’t personally met anyone who loves people to the level that this one does. It goes so far beyond “acts of kindness.” Every time she inhales and exhales-to that simplicity is an act of kindness. Because within every breath she is thinking of ways to better the lives of those around her.
Thank you for living a life of servanthood so beautifully. Thank you for showing us how to turn compassion in to an instinct and not a “have to.” Thank you for displaying what the “hands and feet of Jesus” should look like at all times. Keep it up dooooood.

And I love that every where you go, you always leave a piece of Tori Oh☀️
(Incase anyone is wondering what is happening in this picture, it was the solar eclipse and we didn’t have the special glasses).

hpy easters from me and brother bear

it gets better..especially with sparklers :)

Shoot son, it's only been a week? I think we should do it all over again😝

My day 1 ❤️

Mr. Daryl, thank you for being our angel❤️

as I R O N sharpens I R O N

break a leg babe, new york loves you already✌🏽

You called my name.

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