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Fenix.sun ☀️  💩💍creative lil thang, doing my thang @suicidegirls/ backup IG @fenix.sunmodels. http://patreon.com/fenixsun #igverifyfenixsun2018

Moody or sleepy 24/7?❤️🖤 Self shots since I’ve been to lazy to shoot 💘 @suicidegirls @fenix.creates

Hi 💕💕 Welcome to my ig 🖤 @suicidegirls

seeing so many girls hate on other girls lately, and rude guys telling girls what they need to do to be “perfect”
Don’t like what someone posts? Unfollow, block them, delete th off social media, don’t fucking say anything rude, don’t treat them like shit because they aren’t your definition of perfect, pretty, fit, small, big, tall or whatever.
Just get over it and stop spreading negativity

I only made this post because I’ve notice as much as I’m on social media no matter how many good comments people say the rude disgusting and mean comments are always the ones I know I tend to focus and pay attention to and it’s so unfair to some people who have struggles and hold on to these comments and I hate people who tend they need to bring others down to feel good

Hi sorry I’m still here. Here’s a different sight no one ever sees of me will pry delete but have it until now

What stuff do you like when I post? Planning self shot stuff again and in a few weeks will be taking my tripod and attempting nature shoots 😇📸 Please don’t say more nude: it’s ig so I can’t really post a lot and there’s this cool thing like patron where you can support artists if you want to see more in stead of getting it for free 🔥🤗🍑

Are you ready for this weekend? ☀️ 📸💘 @_drty

@_drty + squished raspberries 💕 full uncensored on Patreon this afternoon thanks to my sleepy/busy/procrastination butt 😇

Half way through the week... 🖤📸 @_drty #dreamteam #azmodel #azphotographer #fenixsun

Love all, love the flaws 🖤

Will never stop posting the art made by the greatest @_drty

looking for cool supportive friends! Say hi💕


I took a break and realized social media is just crazy . It constantly has rude people who don’t support and actually believe in people they have the most to say about, clicks of people that most people obsess over due to popularity or looks rather than just nice people or art/work that is different and beautiful. but we constantly use it and prefer to hate our life or something of ourselves or become jealous of others doing more or being where we want and tend to lash out on others, I just want nice supportive people who just want others to do good in life and love whatever the hell they do. That is all.
Photo by @kevinptaylor

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