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Fendi  Creativity, fun, & craftsmanship since 1925.

The white satin dress with ruffle detail adds glamorous appeal to the #FendiResort19 Collection.
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Finish your look with FF logo mesh Ballerina pumps with white details. #FendiResort19

A charming clash between feminine and masculine details. Take a closer look on Fendi.com. #FendiResort19

A constant dialogue between femininity and masculinity. Explore Fendi.com to discover more. #FendiResort19

The new #FendiPeekaboo X-Lite features an unexpected lighter and deconstructed silhouette. #FendiResort19

Pleated skirts and belted blazers: the perfect match for a new kind of femininity. #FendiResort19
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Add a unique, feminine touch to your look with a #FendiPeekaboo X-Lite. More from #FendiResort19 Collection on Fendi.com

Pastel tones for daytime sophistication. See the full #FendiResort19 selection on Fendi.com

#FendiResort19: a romantic femininity for powerful women. Discover more on Fendi.com

For the sixth episode of #MeAndMyPeekaboo Fendi celebrates the special bond between the Japanese twin sisters @amixxamiaya and @ayaxxamiaya and their #FendiPeekaboo.
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@amixxamiaya and @amixxamiaya share their intimate relationship through a series of emotional images shot in Paris for the #MeAndMyPeekaboo sixth's episode. #FendiPeekaboo

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From Japan to Paris, the twin sisters @amixxamiaya and @ayaxxamiaya reveal their special bond with the iconic #FendiPeekaboo.
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