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Fences For Fido  is a non-profit organization based in Portland, OR that builds free fences for dogs who live outdoors on chains, tethers, and in small enclosures.

UPDATE ON CALIFORNIA DEPLOYMENT: Our crew of volunteers drove straight through to Oroville, CA and arrived last evening. Upon arrival, they went right to work, assisting the lead agency with overall setup of the temporary shelter. The command staff was very pleased that we brought two qualified fork lifter operators! This morning, our crew was on the road at 5 AM, and our fencing panels arrived just a few minutes ago.
We received overwhelming support from our animal-loving community, helping us surpass our fundraising goal! As promised, every dollar raised will go directly to helping the animals impacted by the Camp wildlife.
Our work here at home to provide freedom for chained dogs continues. We’d be grateful for donations to support Fences For Fido’s fence building, dog house, and vet care fund. Please visit www.FencesForFido.org/donate to give.
THANK YOU simply isn't enough, dear friends. YOU have made all of this possible. <3

At the request of the North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG), TOMORROW MORNING Fences For Fido is sending a volunteer force of 10 to Oroville, CA to deliver and build temporary shelter for dogs and other small animals displaced and rescued from the Camp fire area.
Fences For Fido will construct outdoor enclosures and exercise pens to safely confine dogs and other small animals until they are reunited with their families or moved to local area shelters. We know first-hand that helping pets is helping people. When people have lost everything in life, their pets offer that sense of hope and comfort. Pets are a part of our family unit, and we are hopeful that our volunteer crew of experienced fence builders will help bring some relief to the immense suffering caused by the fire. Fences For Fido will also be delivering food and feeding supplies for pigs, chickens, and rabbits also displaced or injured from the fires.
To support this group in this effort, please donate online at www.FencesForFido.org/HelpCali.
We estimate a total cost for chain-link panel, building supplies, feed/watering supplies, and other expenses to be approximately $15,000.
All funds received will go directly toward fire-relief efforts in this area. #katutv #kgwnews #koin6 #fox12oregon

Why is Bear is so happy? 'Cause he now has a fence and he's free to run and play--and also because today is Willamette Week Give!Guide BIG GIVE DAY #2! That means anyone who donates $10 or more to us at the link below is entered into a drawing for a year's supply of tasty eats from Laughing Planet Cafe AND a package that includes a $100 shopping from from music & art collective Tender Loving Empire!! #showupforfidos and donate here: https://giveguide.org/#fences-for-fido/

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Want a Fences For Fido t-shirt or sweatshirt like the ones modeled here by some of our amazing SW Washington state volunteers? We have limited sizes and colors available at our new online Etsy store! Get 'em before they're gone!

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If you haven't already, #cuddleup with our #giveguide2018 non-profit partner #catadoptionteam
We know so many of our dog-loving supporters love cats as well and CAT does amazing work saving the lives of homeless felines and partnering with the community to provide quality programs & cat-pertise.
When you make a donation to us, consider making one to our #cuddleup partner as well! Donation links below:

CAT: https://giveguide.org/#catadoptionteam/

Fences For Fido: https://giveguide.org/#fences-for-fido/

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Win a $500 shopping spree at @powellsbooks just for donating to us!! It's BIG GIVE DAY #1 of the Willamette Week Give!Guide, and that means they anyone who makes a donation of $10 or more TODAY ONLY (11/8) will be entered into a drawing for the Powell's prize.

Plus, you'll be helping local dogs live better lives. We "read" that as a win-win!

DONATE HERE: https://giveguide.org/#fences-for-fido/

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Bear in Sweet Home, OR is a big lovable boy who lived in a small kennel 24/7...until last weekend. That's when a group of Fences For Fido volunteers traveled from all over the south Willamette Valley and Oregon coast to build him a fence where he could run and play. It's what we do--and we can't do it without YOU.
As part of the Willamette Week Give!Guide 2018, you have a chance to give dogs like Bear the chance for a better life. Any amount is welcome, and we even have premiums when you donate: $10 gets a download of the money saving Chinook Book Portland
$20 =Fences For Fido recycled book bag. $40 = Hand-stamped "Unchain with great love" keychain $100+ = Fences For Fido knit stocking cap. $250+ = Private cocktail party with our inspiring founder, Kelly Peterson.
Donate here: https://giveguide.org/#fences-for-fido

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Much fun at the Give Guide Kick-off Party!! Thanks to everyone who was willing to cuddle up with Fences For Fido and our partner Cat Adoption Team!! #willametteweekgiveguide2018 #fencesforfido #wwgiveguide2018 #catadoptionteam #showupforfidos # cuddleup #showupirl

LET THE GIVING BEGIN!! Fences For Fido is honored to be featured in the Willamette Week Give!Guide and we are asking for your support so we can unchain even more fidos in 2019! Please donate any amount you can through the Give Guide at this link: https://giveguide.org/#fences-for-fido/

Everyone who donates $10 or more gets a link to the online edition of the money-saving Chinook Book Portland. More Fences For Fido incentives to be announced soon!

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Beautiful birthday at Sauvie Island with the pups. :) # Sauvieisland # Oregon #dogs

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