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Where is INDONESIAAA? ;____; @shanefilanofficial


Thanks dad♥♥♥

Best game ever. CAT MARIO. Its stupid when you die for more than 100 times-_-

I like this quotes, really. Even Aristoteles think that medical education and doctor is important for human.

When your body is hurt, all you need is simple recovery. But when your heart hurt, you need more than recovery. If you know what I mean. I miss the time when I cry because of my toys, not about you.

This is what I called "home theater" ;_____;

YESSS. I HAVE IT. I'm so excited ;___;


I dont get it. Really.
Okay I get it.
I dont get it then.

Guess what? Tomorrow is MONster DAY. And I guess we all have to back to our reality as usual. Well, honestly I dont really like it at all. But, since tomorrow I will meet my friends and have a lot of fun with them of course I think I'm not gonna regret it anymore. I miss my friends, not the subject, okay? Sorry for bad photo, I took it while I try to sleep--" well, I have so much things to say that I still cant believe the weekend is over. Good night! Stay awesome, tee-hee.

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