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Feminist Pants  Because we're too bossy for regular pants.


Repost @kayla.lancour
Day 15 of #selflovebootcamp is #cellulitesaturday 🌻wearing shorts is sometimes very scary when you are in public... but I decided that I'm not going to not live my life in the summer because I don't have Carrie Underwood legs (those are gorgeous 😜)
I'm not going to sweat to death all summer by wearing jeans when everyone else gets to wear shorts. 🌞
So here's to wearing shorts all summer despite not having the "perfect" legs 🌻

Beautiful both ways! 😍

Image via @positively_female

Loving @shadeyshay oozing confidence and giving no fucks! πŸ™Œ
#bodypositive #bodypositivity

😎 Image credit: @wokemamas

PSA: Being a feminist doesn't mean you don't/can't wear makeup. If you want to wear makeup then you're a queen, and if you don't want to wear makeup you're a queen. Just let people live. Makeup isn't gender exclusive, however you identify - slay!
Image credit: @benefitcosmetics @jordanhanz

"Don't force me to smile."
Amazing artist: @lesfoliespassageres

Show me something natural like ass with some stretch marks πŸ‘

Image via @toruandnaoko

But both are still totally fine ✌️ Amazing artist: @the_illustrator_of_curves

"Even though I'm educated in how the media distorts our image of beauty, I still feel the urge to conform to an impossible body type." - Firstnamekate
Via @chiaranonino

Every body is a beach body. Wear whatever you want! (Amazing artist unknown πŸ˜”) Edit - Artist: @aidosaur

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