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Fell & Fair  "After him they rode: a long line of mail-clad men. Swift, shining, fell and fair to look upon." ~Tolkien -Craftsmen-Warriors-Dreamers-


"Courage is not about being willing to fight, any fool can fight. Courage is about being willing to do the right thing regardless of the consequences." Got a glimpse at some footage of our upcoming series collaboration with @the_forge_studios, The Rangers: Sons of Throi.
Thanks @brinfrench for the shot and @electricsoulproductions for the edit.

A little apart the Rangers sat, silent, in an ordered company, armed with spear and bow and sword...There was no gleam of stone or gold, nor any fair thing in all their gear.. save only that each cloak was pinned upon the left shoulder by a brooch of silver shaped like a rayed star." ~Tolkien

It is funny, the little details you add to a piece of weaponry or armor, to be forgotten and never seen until four years later. A silver rayed star on a ranger bow. πŸ“· @theroadgoeseveron63

"You have been chosen, and you must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have." ~Tolkien

Trust is given to those who show faithfulness in the small things. The hobbits were friends before they were heroes. So be kind that you may be courageous. πŸ“· @emoryjacob

"The road may pass, but they will not." ~Faramir

Never let evil pass. Ever. πŸ“· @emoryjacob

"It is in Men, that we must now place our hope." ~Gandalf

Weapons, ships and fortresses are useless without men to use them. Men who can use them well. Men who will fight on despite all. Men who will dare great things if only for another breath or another second. Seldom has a battle been won without the victor had the better men, long odds or no. And no elf or dwarf of myth and legend can hold a candle to the least of those weak, mortal, fallen men. For elves are supposed to be wise and dwarves strong. But wisdom and strength in men is indeed more rare and thus more valued. πŸ“· @taylorcashphotography

"A long bow and a strong bow, and let the sky grow dark! The cord to the nock, the shaft to the ear, and a foreign king for a mark!" If the rangers have come out of the forest you kill you, you are in trouble. πŸ“· @emoryjacob

"Dawn is ever the hope of men." ~Tolkien

Dawn indeed. Light to the mariner at sea, warmth to the wanderer on land. Hope and joy for a few day. πŸ“· @TaylorCashPhotography

"But still we fight on, holding all the west shores of Anduin; and those who shelter behind us give us praise, if ever they hear our name." ~Tolkien

Sometimes is it well to stop and give praise to those we shelter behind. Not all die or are wounded, but they are all worthy of praise all the same. Most love what they do. But it does not make the sacrifice any less great. πŸ“· @emoryjacob

"Now the cries of clear strong voices came ringing over the fields. Suddenly they swept up with a noise like thunder, and the foremost horseman swerved, passing by the foot of the hill... After him they rode: a long line of mail-clad men, swift, shining, fell and fair to look upon." ~Tolkien

The question we are most often asked (after, "How do I do this?") is, "Why Fell and Fair?". Of course it comes from this quote describing the Rohirrim. Tolkien used two words to describe these great warriors and I see them as the verry definition of a hero. For "fell" means to be deadly, fierce and bloody-minded. While "fair" means noble, beautiful and good. These two traits are in constant battle with one another. To be deadly and kind, fierce and noble, a killer and a protector is no easy task. However we see these two traits in some of legend's greatest heroes; the likes of William Wallace, Henry V and King Arthur. It does not mean you are perfect. But it does mean you seek that perfection for the love of beauty, and you have the the willingness to create havoc to protect it.

"We heard of the horns in the hills ringing,
the swords shining in the South-kingdom.
Steeds went striding to the Stoningland
as wind in the morning. War was kindled." ~Tolkien

Swords, horses, horns. The universal symbols of the battle-joy. They may look different today. But the warrior knows the same feeling of anticipation, joy and dread. πŸ“· @taylorcashphotography

"All Joy reminds. It is never a possession, always a desire for something longer ago or further away or still 'about to be'." ~C.S. Lewis

When people ask why we work so hard to create the images we share, this is our answer. A desire for something longer ago or further away or still 'about to be'. That is Joy. πŸ“· @emoryjacob

"The most dangerous man on earth is the man who has reckoned with his own death. All men die; few men ever really live. The less we are trying to "save ourselves," the more effective a warrior we will be." ~G. K. Chesterton
For your brothers, for the shield wall, for victory. πŸ“· @taylorcashphotography

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