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Feliz Lucas  Revival of the heart. To return to consciousness of life. Simply put, it means to have new life or live again. #todaywiththelucas

Do not fear the “old” ways because it is the foundation of the “new”.
Faith is the foundation of the past
To shine and let other see Jesus through your life is today’s purpose
Hope is the assurance that goodness is coming is the fruit of the future
Adding typing lessons for #todaywiththelucashomeschool

If we don’t teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to. #todaywithlucasinsydney @babyzenphilippines

Our first diy clock was a disaster! Thanks to @delightfulhimig for sending in her cute file so I cut and glued then on an empty clock. Ta-da!!!! Ethan now reminds me what time it is! 💖thinking if I should hang this in his room or study area. #todaywiththelucashomeschool

I thought #ej4yr3m was a sports kind of kid but we discovered how much of a strategist he is. During his friend, Cara’s outdoor birthday @montessorionmars he saw someone playing chess and he got so interested and I noticed he was really observant and sat a long time. When we were in Sydney I saw this “my first chess book” and he made sure I would bring it wherever we go and I would finish reading it. After a month, we borrowed his uncle @iamjefflucas chessboard and they played for more than an hour and he won!! And he wanted to play more!! So we’re adding this in our homeschool. He got to try playing with all the pieces but now we’ll be teaching him one piece at a time :) realized how important it is to really be sensitive to our child’s heart and not dictate what we think they are. 💖 #todaywiththelucashomeschool

Whenever I visit bookstores, I see a lot of modern books and when I check the price, I put it back on the shelf. I keep on hoping there will be nice classics that is toddler friendly. So I still always go back to 2nd hand bookstores because I love scavenging for treasures and when you see it’s only 35 pesos to a max of 250 (which i get very seldom), you get a surge of dopamine! I remember Caitie would help scavenge books with me and we’d end up with piles of selections but buy only a bunch hehe! Like for this one, Ethan and I had 3 piles and chose these. one of my favs is Norman Rockwell and the proverbs book so I can teach Ethan witty yet funny proverb jokes :) love the old turtle too bec it’s about nature and how God is there. Ethan always asks why he can’t see God and I think this would perfectly represent that He is everywhere. 30 books for 2,000! Not bad right? when you’re in the grocery, there’s usually a booksale or 2nd hand bookstore... do drop by and find your loot! #todaywiththelucashomeschool

Good intentional are not enough, sheer will power will not make the change. You need another source of power. Put Jesus in the Center of your life and you’ll see the real change in you and your child.

“Mommy, I want to stay here but I also want you to stay!!” First day today and first time to be in a playschool. I could sense that she really wants it here but she wants me to be with her. 💖💖 But I know the teachers will do a great job. Been hearing teachers speak in Chinese and talk with the kids even at a young age and I got sold with that! :) it’s not common for a playschool to have chinese languages incorporated in the whole day!!! 💖💖 that’s what I love about this! @mindchamps.ph

About to already! See you!!! Hope we’ll have enough tome to talk with some. OMf booth from 1-3pm and PCBS booth 4-6pm :)

how about you? What is God’s whisper to you that everything is going to be okey?

What we ache for is redemption; what our heart cries our for is restoration. How is God going to make it all right? How is he goi g to redeem all of the suffering and loss of this world and in your life?
Despite what you have been told, he didn’t focus our hopes on the great airlift to heaven. Restoration is exactly what Jesus promised He promised “the renewal of all things” including the earth you love, every precious part of it, and your own story (Mathew 19:28).
The climax of the entire bible takes place with these words: “I am making everything new!”
Excerpt from the book all things new by john Eldredge

at age 4, ive been hearing how it’s not really as mandatory to do writing but it’s important to strengthen the motor skills.
So, I observed how he liked building Lego (which I didn’t expect) and used that as an opportunity to strengthen his fingers. He assembled this all by himself!! With just very little help from mom.
He created a story afterwards.... and changed pieces to adjust to his story and yes T-Rex was part of it! 😅 don’t be pressured to have all the curriculums at below 5 years old... just play with your child.
If you don’t know what toys, just be selective, try out in toy stores. What’s important is, when you get home, you use it and play with them.
It’s not the quantity of toys but the time spent playing with them that will make a difference.
There will be 2 homeschool conferences. One next week sept 22 by Educating for Life and another next month October by Homeschool Global . If you’re a first time mom, or interested to transition your child to homeschool, attending these conferences will greatly help!
#ej4yr2m #todaywiththelucashomeschool

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