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🎀 Feliza 🇬🇧  Traveller/Writer/Content Creator TRAVEL•LIFESTYLE•FASHION•BEAUTY•FITNESS Contact: felizaong@gmail.com ✈️ Thailand/S.Africa 🏠 Singapore

For storms don't last forever.
How's everyone? It has been awhile. 😁 New blogpost of the recent @dbsmarinaregatta! -- Link in bio, do read it! ❤️
#dbsmarinaregatta #dbsturns50 #livemorebankless #blazethebay 📷: The stranger that I helped to shoot too haha

Just a test post as I'm facing some issues with my @Instagram account. But do like my post if you want. 😆
So what's the issue?? Read on. 😔 >>>> (1) All photos under the hashtags I have created to categorise and archive my posts for everyone's easy viewing are all gone~~ (Much-loved hashtags like # felizaong , # felizaongoutfit, # travelwithZa and # felizaongportraits).
And (2) when I hashtag my photos with other hashtags like #guesssg or #salondechoix, it doesn't appear on those hashtag feeds. Which makes my photos not viewable to other people who are looking at photos with the hashtags. And yes, I admit, I do hope to get more 👀 and ❣️ on my posts, who wouldn't?
Anyone knows what's going on? 😔😔😔

How stoked to be back home before the sun sets today and the skies all dark! And this unique miracle could only occur as I was on a half-day leave to take some test papers (and glad to have aced it!). Celebrating this mini victory at @collinsgrille.sg tonight. 😜🍴

Born to dance to the beat of my own heart, have a spirit like a fairy, and love like that's all there is. ❤️✨✨
On another note, my post doesn't show in the hashtags I use 😕, don't know what's happening but appreciate a "Like" and comment ❤️ on my post if you are reading this~ ..😇

If I can come across an anthropomorphic (AND talking) rabbit IRL. 🐰🤣 // Wearing a blue jacket just like the main star of the @PeterRabbitMovie.
Thanks @sonypicturessg and @narratrs for the special screening invitation! Catch this movie in the Theatres now!~
#peterrabbit #peterrabbitmovie

Nothing is more beautiful than a real smile that has struggled through tears. 🙂 // Been awhile since I took a #publicselfie. Here's one, with me sporting such a genuine happy smile. Just ended my day at my company's booth in a University career fair and waiting for my ride to arrive. 👩🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍💻

Since it's said that "Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own”, I wish you happiness... Happy Valentine's Day. ❤️

That doubting look when the colleague takes a photo for you, for the first time. 😂 And it turned out well afterall!

Though I lost something I always have, I gained something I always wanted. My heart rejoices with much sorrow. 😐🎉

Embracing this new job with much zeal! Wish me luck~ 😉☘️ .
#clozette #dior #readyfor2018

【AU REVOIR 2017】
Oh what a year it has been! As much as I would like to reminisce on those happy times, I'm already looking forward to 2018 - To a new job, to a brand new start!
I'm glad I decided to take this chance of doing something new and meaningful for myself, of which I see myself doing for the long term, and most importantly - With interest and passion!! It's now or neverrrrrr~~ 🤗 Hence, when I saw this sign at @flashbangsingapore, I could totally relate to it! 🙌🏻
Have a blast counting down to 2018! 🥂🎉✨
#clozette #flashbangsingapore #happynewyear #happynewyear2018 #goodbye2017 #hello2018 #AuldLangSyne #TimesGoneBy

Weekday afternoon tea sessions will be a rarity come next year. 💖☕️ But I will make it happen - During the weekends, that is. 😉
#clozette #marriotthotel #marriottsg #highteaparty #boohoofashion

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