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SELF MADE  Based in BLN | Living 🌎🌍🌏 Mentored by the Elite Inspiring Millions➰ Life is a Game | I'll Crack It🏀 Snapchat: felixwinkelman


Shoutout to the System!💙 #DAB

Watch Us Work🌊 #BuildingMode #LübeckVibes

"Moin Moin" Fam☕️ @alexandergebert and myself decided to move to the Nother Part of Germany for the Next days ⚓️ Creating Momentum all over the place #Germany #Domination

I had two Options...
#1 Go on chilling at Home, working 9 to 5 and do the same-old-shit every Day🙇🏼#2 Stop being average, Get Shit done and chill/work wherever I want to👨🏼‍💻🌎 Guess What I've chosen?
#tb #London #Travel


This is what Happens when the same VISON is connecting the right people, at the right time, at the right spot...📍 Wait Till You See What Happens Next🍿

Thanks @daniel.matern for the Video!🎥 ___________________________________________

#EliteSquad #Event #Berlin

Current Mood: Building A Legacy With The People I Care About🔑💙 #Legacy #Berlin

Good Morning Berlin! ☕️ Time To Crush It #DayOne #Berlin #Tuesday #OIPEG

Too Many People aren't able to hold on their Goals or Vision without seeing massive results...
I was far away from massive results especially in the first months and hustled without getting anything back. See Where I am at now... _____________________________________________________
Right now I'm not even Close to The Designation but couldn't imagine something better then what I'm doing right now🙏🏻✨
What's the Difference between those People and People like me?


#LoveTheProcess #Berlin

Most people die at the age of 24.... and don't get buried until the age of 75😳

Here's something that I have LEARNED...
The only one holding you back is YOU! You probably have something you want to learn, somewhere you want to go, or something you want to achieve🏆
Stop thinking about it. The longer you think, the less likely you will do it! (Proven Fact)💭
The best situation, the most amount of money, and that feeling where, "You know You are in the right Spot"... all came from acting in line with my intuition and acting immediately 🏃🏼💨

Just trust me on this. #ThisBroughtMeHere #Berlin #WeGrind #OIPEG

Squad is cookin up👨🏼‍🍳 #Loft #Berlin Snap:felixwinkelman

Hold The Vision💯 Trust The Process🔑 #Friday #Motivation

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