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Fehmz  Sharing my adventure with the world ❤️ Food, Fun, Shop, Travel & Momhood YouTube: Fehmz Email: pr@fehmz.com #fehmz @halaalgoodsmarket @fehmzmocktails

Marie biscuits sandwiched with butter...best way to end the Monday 😍😍 also gold lined mugs! I’m so corny 🤣 #fehmz

So excited to be one of the judges for this incredible @salaamedia initiative! Intimated by the other amazing judges who definitely know a crap load more than I do 🤣 @rnbfamilyfoods @foodsburg @ozzyskitchen @krea_sa #fehmz #salaamedia

Burfee in my belly 😍😍 from @fortheloveofburfee #fehmz #glazedburfee

I really do look like I have the hair of a troll doll here 🤣🤣 🌸
What is it about a haircut and colour that just makes you feel brand new? 😍😍 I finally washed my hair today after I had my cut and colour with @hijabella_sa last Wednesday 🤣🤣 yes I was totally pushing it but you know that feel long of salon hair, I literally cannot get my hair even close to the same feeling at home (I also don’t have the skill and patience 🙊😉) 🌸

I am going back soon for more! #fehmz
Btw, did you know that if your feet are crossed then your hair can land up being crooked when cut?!! I had no idea!

Just thought I’d squirt some mustard sauce randomly 😉 #fehmz

This was the most touching surprise ever.....I’m in love with hot air balloons and this is the cutest mini version of one ever! A bunch of amazing people (like family ♥️) got it for me along with those balloons with all the other sayings that I use all the time 🙊😆from @spoils_co but listen, THIS one is filled with mini Nutellas!!! 😍😍 it really doesn’t get any better than that! ♥️ also I bawled my eyes out when I got it, it was not a pretty sight 🤣🤣 Lol #fehmz #hgmfamily #uglycryface #livingthatNUTELLAlife Basically I cried over balloons and Nutella 😉 I’m weak and clearly still hormonal.

My kid is running around with the tripod like it’s a toy 🙄 #sendhelp #momoftwo #offmyrocker

Just sitting here, eating monkey nuts (Durban nuts? What are they called?), like a little kid...it’s the Friday munchies coz I had no massive Friday lunch today 🤣 #fehmz

If you’re not dipping @thegoodbatchsa biscuits into your tea, then you’re just wasting a good cuppa tea...this lady knows her biscuits! She only makes one type, the best kind 😆 the Tex ones and I can.NOT.stop! #fehmz 🌸
Thank you Yasira!

I am OBSESSED with collecting tins! I literally cannot wait for the festive season so that I can see which brands bring out collectable tins. 🌸

So though we do not celebrate it at all, I look forward to December for collectable tins, February for beautiful lingerie and Easter for cheap Easter eggs and hot cross buns that go on sale when the season ends 🤣🤣 🌸
@cadbury_sa has come out with 4, yup FOUR, collectable tin balls (filled with chocs!!) for the season and sent me over the snowman and the reindeer (I thought it was a bear 🤣🤣) and included their whispers slab and snowball whispers that they’ve brought back for the season! 🌸

I cannot explain how exciting it is when a big corporate brand chooses to look at you and send you something, maybe i’m just dom and simple but I literally started jumping with excitement! I love the small brands I work with too, and I don’t know how to explain this but it’s like the big corporate person saying; “hey, we see you! 😉” and that’s pretty darn cool you know?!! 🌸

Thank you @cadbury_sa for seeing me ♥️ #fehmz #cadbury #cadburyfestivecollection #ad

Ever felt like you’re in an instagram slump? Had lunch with my friend @nspiredstyle talking about how to pull ourselves out of an instagram slump, we both have very different pages, hers is business and mine is...well....random junk 🤣 but we do feel like we’re in a slump sometimes. What to post, how often to post, do we plan content, do we not plan and be spontaneous? I find with my personal page I am spontaneous and just post as I go through life however with my maternity leave fast coming to an end, I have a bit of anxiety as to how much I will accomplish once back at work full time and how much I will miss having this time to do more, post more, experience more. 🌸
Also with my mocktails page I find it harder to think about what picture to post, when to post, what caption to use, professional photos, reposts etc. 🌸
I always seem to find it easier to talk about what someone else should do on their page than what to do on my own Instagram page 🤣 I think it’s because I love to watch small businesses grow and because giving advice from an objective point of view is easier.
We also basically ate ourselves into a food coma at @cafepatisse having the delicious wagyu burger on a brioche bun, the lobster roll was AMAZEBALLS, perhaps ask for it on a brioche bun too coz the brioche was soooooooo soft and yummm! Also the halloumi was darn good with the sweet potato fries! #fehmzeats #fehmz #notanad

Apparently I say “guys” a lot 🤣#HGMfamily got me a few balloons with the things I say most often 🙊 I’m embarrassed to realize they are so right! The things I say:
1. Guys
2. Bomb diggidy
3. Bruh
4. Fehmzicle
(and for the last couple weeks:)
5. We are because you are ♥️ What other words do I use a lot? 🙈

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