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Today’s iftaar platter was the easiest thing I ever did throw together 🤣 in fact supper became leftovers because this had our bellies full, I forgot to make the kebabs though...I reckon some kebabs or crumbed chicken legs is all you need for this to be a full meal.

Also it helps that I made nothing on this platter 🤣🤣 got the dips and Arabic bread from @zaatarandzeal and the simit from @caltex_oaklands

I am winning at wife-ing today 🤣 #Fehmz #ramadhan2018

In this month I know we have many causes to support, please let the UN @refugees Agency be one of them, every little donation helps 💜 May our efforts be accepted. Aameen #ramadhan2018 See the end of the video on how to donate or swipe up in my instastories for the donation link.

Rushed this pic but tried out some chicken wings today...I had no recipe in my head except what I thought I wanted it to taste like 🤣 so I just threw random things together viz.
Big squirt Sriracha sauce, asian soy sauce reduction (got it from @zaatarandzeal ), 1 tsp honey, squirt of bbq sauce, tsp green chilli, tsp garlic. Mixed together and left to marinate. Then I fried it in medium oil in little batches so it was cooked and crispy. .
My oil looks a mess, my kitchen still smells like fried chicken, but these were damn tasty 🤣🤣 .
I could have cooked the sauce above and tossed the chicken wings in it after having cooked the wings plain I guess 🤔 hmmmm wonder how it would be. #ramadhan2018 #fehmz .

Supper was leftover steak made into toasted sandwiches (yes we’re already onto leftovers 🤣🤣) and we took it all to mum’s place where we ate ourselves silly on everything else that was served too. Lol

I made nothing for #worldbakingday then I remembered I’m busy doing a 9-month bake right now 🤣🤣🤣 also....I think this baby is trying to break free, check the attempted breakout happening on the right 🤣 I find that whenever I try to take a video of my belly moving this kid stops doing it, but when there’s no camera, it’s like a serious jailbreak trying to happen 🤣 #fehmzpreciouscargo #32weeks @ilovebakingsa @worldbakingday

Ahlan ya Ramadhan 💜

I’m so excited for Ramadhan!! Alhamdulillah!

May your Ramadhan be blessed and incredibly fulfilling. May we spend this month reconnecting with ourselves, those around us and the Almighty, may we be kind to each other without judgement, be old fashioned or follow the latest trend, try something new or stick to what’s always worked (mum, that means don’t test a new haleem recipe again please 😆🤣) , invite a stranger to your table, take your family for iftaar to the local masjid, do what fulfills you, what works for you, do it all for you and for your spiritual journey with the ultimate purpose of this blessed month being your guide and focus 💜 .
We are all mere sinners striving for Jannah.

Please remember my family and I in your duas and please forgive us our shortcomings. .


Ma-assalaamah .
#fehmz #ramadhan2018 #alhamdulillah #bekind .

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New addiction 😍😍😍 I need a whole box basically. I’m a sucker for orange or lemon flavours in chocolate!
What’s your fav choc combo?
Totally regretting only buying one 😭Got this from @yummy_mayfair the place where you go for one thing and come out with 376 things 🤣 #fehmz #fehmzeats

For those who think that you cannot get pregnant if you’re fat say hello to a walking talking contradiction. .

I am 30 weeks pregnant and I fell pregnant while I was this (over)weight. This is my second pregnancy and a lot of people say that after your first pregnancy it’s very easy to fall pregnant again I tried falling pregnant straight after baby number one and yeah, it didn’t happen.
Around October 2017 I thought all these people who say this are wrong, its total bull and as it turns out I was pregnant at that very time and for that I can only say alhamdulillah. Allah is truly merciful and great and He listens to your every dua and gives you exactly what is right for you at exactly the time that you need it.

When I gave birth the first time they always say nothing goes according to your birth plan, nothing could be more true than that but also nothing goes according to what you perceive birth and motherhood will be like. Society’s idea of perfect mothering is flawed. What I love most is that every book will tell you one thing every blog will tell you another thing and every person will try and give you advice and that’s okay but what it does is it puts you unnecessary pressure as a first-time mom.

You feel like you are completely inadequate, when things go wrong you feel like because you can’t breastfeed you are failing as a mother, you feel like because your need help with someone changing a nappy or holding a baby or just giving you an hour rest that you’re doing a disservice to your child and you beat yourself up about it.

When I gave birth I struggled like crazy to breastfeed and I thought something’s wrong with me but I knew at the time I was so stressed out trying to be this perfect mother as well as going through some major business financial struggles at the time, still in shock that I have become a mother and personally I had to come to a harsh realisation that some people around me were just never meant to be there and it’s a raw shock to your system when you think the people closest to you are actually the ones who are the furthest away. . (Cont. in comments) #fehmz #fehmzpreciouscargo #alhamdulillah

Lol thanx to @kzn_guy I know how ridiculous I look from behind when taking a crowd selfie 🤣🤣🤣 but I love it!
#Fehmz #accidentalmuslims #unityconference

OMG instapeeps.....I’m in love.
I’m kinda the super-delayed-to-the-bandwagon person who thinks candles are basically for blackouts 🤣🤣 so the only candles I’ve ever really had or bought are the ones you stick on a saucer when the lights go out and now that’s been replaced by those solar lights. Or else I’ve had tea light candles for floating in pools or bowls when I wanna be fancy 🤣

Then this happened with @fleurdelavieza and now I get it....so this is what people mean when they’re buying all those incredible scented candles, it makes your home smell deeeeeeee-frikkin-licious OMG!! And I check it turns into a massage oil too 😜 oooohlalalala

Also got some of their nougat that we devoured. .

Basically my belly is happy and my living room smells incredible and I’ve been converted. I hear it even makes hubby forget about needing supper that evening #ifonly♥️ it’s been a good day! #fehmz #fleurdelavieza

These yellow potatoes....are really nothing special but EVERYTHING special 😍 it’s feel good food and it’s silly easy to make.
We call them haldi potatoes (haldi/arad/turmeric)
Boil your halved or quartered potatoes in salted water with about 3/4-1 tsp of turmeric til practically done or completely done if you’re hopeless like me 🤣

Drain, then put into an oven tray, dot with garlic butter and drizzle with some oil.
Grill in your oven so it’s nice and crispy on the outsides.
Flip it over so it browns on the other side too.
Serve it in a swanky dish so you look super cool, put over a few extra dots if garlic butter and garnish with fresh chives or chopped parsley or just use dried parsley like me 😆

Serve it up!
Enjoy, Fehmz

Was I even there if there’s no audience selfie? Crowd Selfies are my fav!! .

Today was epic, to be surrounded by such an amazing audience and listen to such remarkable changemakers, it was inspiration overload at the @accidentalmuslims conference. I was a hot emotional mess on stage but this selfie rocked 🤣 #accidentalmuslims #fehmz

Slider burgers for those dindins...easy peasy dinners rock on any day 🤣 #fehmz

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