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Stephanie  -UChicago Alumna -Med Student -anti-oppressive -feminist -lover/thinker/feeler -wannabe writer πŸ‘» thisisstupid78

Rick Ross--->TRASH


My God, I've been saying this shit. If you espouse hateful, violent shit on social media, the only logical thing is to assume that you espouse that shit elsewhere. "Don't take social media so seriously". Then don't seriously be violent online, my dude.

Gospel. #storyofmy(sex)life

YEP @iamcardib πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


Just because he's well dressed does not make him a gentleman. When he first asked me out he was pushy and i wasn't with it. The second time---same shit. It may seem subtle to you but TELLING me we're going out instead of ASKING I would like to is indicative of entitled/manipulative personality. And if me saying I'm not into your approach/style for the second time can elicit a "hahah go fuck yourself πŸ˜‚" from an allegedly professional gentlemen, then guess what: I was right. #maleentitlement #malefragility

"You’re going to have to trust me on this because I know it seems crazy, but people aren’t going to think you’re desperate or weird or un-chill if you just say something without adding β€œhaha” at the end for 100% no reason." It's an epidemic!!!



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