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Let the count down begin!! When I first started school, I had so many reasons (excuses), as to why I needed to quit within the first two weeks. Having not been in school since 1999, I was far removed from having to be a "student" again. All the science started to frustrate me to no end.
I had personal things going on that I needed to get worked out, i.e., needed to move, needed another car, needed a part time job, etc, etc, etc, and school just wasn't going to allow me to do that. Plus my arm was giving me so much trouble (Bursitis). So, yeah, I was ready to quit. And that was in January of this year.
Only a 9 month course, but it was 9 months too long for me, it seemed. But goodness, it seems like it went by so fast and within that time frame, I've found such a great passion in massage therapy. I'm so glad I didn't quit and that I had a good core group of people pushing me on, making sure that I didn't!! Pray that I pass this state board within these few weeks so that I can write my name like this: Latrisha R. Redmon, LMT ✒✏ #ItsOnlyUpFromHere ⬆🔝 #MassageTherapy💆 #TheLayingOnOfHands 👐 #HealingTouch 🙌 #Graduation 🎓 #LicensedMassageTherapist 💯✔ #IDidntQuit 🎉

Solar Eclipse 2017!!! #solareclipse2017 #solareclipse #Sun #Moon

Here's my pic of the Solar Eclipse thru my solar glasses...it's looking kinda amazing right about now!!

Join the Birmingham Public Library (Downtown Branch) this Thursday night for their Meet and Greet Open House. Learn all about the new things that you can participate in, while browsing various informational tables. Yours truly will be providing the music. Be sure to stop by and say hello! #Library #MeetAndGreet #OpenHouse #LiveMusic #AcousticSet #Guitar

This rainbow just appeared on the parking lot of Sam's over here in Trussville. I had to add a filter so that it could be seen clearly to you. But it's so beautiful to behold. It looks like I can walk over and touch it, because it is literally on the parking lot. Thank God for His Promise!! Now, let's catch this Solar Eclipse tomorrow!! #Rainbow #Rain #Beautiful #Promise

Happy Birthday!! Dee, Nadia, Jay and Ronnie!! #RedCarpet #OpenMic #Birthday #LiveMusic

Lunch!!! I've been eating like this for going on 2 months now. Took meat out my diet, however, I do eat certain kinds of fish here and there. So, I guess I'm a pescatarian. 🐟 So far so good. Trust me, it was a sacrifice to give up BACON and my POPEYES CHICKEN...OMG...but, it is proving to be worth it. Eating healthy is now a MUST for me. I hope you, my friend, will consider doing the same. We are indeed, what we eat!! #healthyfood #EatHealthy #fruits #Vegetables

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