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ÇØŘ€¥ ××  The world is a canvas for our imagination Don't be a slave to reality JLP♡KMZ♡CCG

@iiswhoiis truthfully, I've never been the biggest Kesha fan ....but her whole story is incredibly inspiring. Takes serious guts to do what she has done. As far as society has come with putting women on an equal pedestal as man.. it's not good enough. Speaking out on being raped is hard enough as it is, but then to be shamed and disbelieved, yet to still hold her head high is a truly beautiful thing to see. Being in the public eye and showing her vulnerability is so incredibly moving + inspiring. I am now a huge fan I think she is an amazing woman and I'm so glad that she is back and able to do what she loves cause I know that she is touching the hearts of so many. I really hope that doctor shit brain gets what he deserves, and if he doesn't than # Sony should be ashamed of themselves. I am yet to listen to #praying without my body covered in chills and my eyes swelling up with tears. You can feel the pain and emotion in every single word she says. @iiswhoiis girl, you are an inspiration to me and so many others. There are so many people are on your side: you are giving strength to people who were too afraid to speak up before. A brighter light needs to be shown on the misogyny in the world. The human race wouldn't exist without women and it is about damn time we get the respect and love we deserve. You've opened eyes and I praise you #freekesha #girlpower #imamothafuckinwoman

I wish I didn't have a heart to love you


&& of course a #typical photo of a #wackjob corr #kisses💋 + #eyeballs 👁🦄🍀🌈⚓️

A rare photo of a #smiling corr

I feel like I look really sad but I mastered #cateye and haven't posted In a min so thaaats that lol

And then her storage was full womp womp #timelapse #psychedelic

#throwback @rambleon_rosie we should take a new picture of us holding this picture. Mish you girlie 🐢

Where is my mind? 💀🦄

Cause I miss you when you're gone #pockets @an0nym0snj

Doodling with a sprained wrist by yours truly #skull #doodles #psychedelic #timelapse

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