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fedoramcclaren  Never concentrating on only the finger...the spectrums range from deejaying to music to writing and baking. Most importantly...mommy.

Dancing sets you free... ๐Ÿ’œ

'Lil mini set up...it gets the job done... ๐Ÿ’œ

...can tell us a lot about attraction...

Some beings' hearts grow weary when they feel like they've done all they can.

...what could teenageperson be thinking about?

My sunshines...

I use these two images for two profound reasons...the first, all the images we see of Malcolm X always showed him with a stoic look, as if he was devoid of humour. Yes, revolutionaries have the ability to smile too... And the second image, is more of an inspiration for me. When Malcolm X traveled to Mecca and now was known as El Hajj El Mali Shabazz, he became wiser through experience. He still had concern for the treatment of the African in America, but now the concern came with a less generalised purpose. He realised outside of America, people are good people, and the biggest concern are the ones who are in control of an entire population. But he still placed having knowledge of self first.

On this day, I celebrate Malcolm X...El Hajj Mali El Shabazz. I celebrate his parents as well, for this is the day he was born.

Some of my favourite beings have joined forces with some other favourite beings I know... the ever fabulous @natashadiggs and the super awesome #DProsper will be starting your weekend off in a spectacular fashion at @soulinthehorn, which this week is located at this really wonderful place named @basquiatsbottle, and the featured deejays are @grandwizardtheodore and @djleecyt with special featured guest performance by Danielle Illario!!! I know it's gonna be great!!!

...unless there is some joy in those tears.

@djmihoko doing the damn thang at Sisters in the planet of Brooklyn!!!

See...childperson is like levitating and stuff...but he is one of the reasons I can go on with my day...

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