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fedoramcclaren  Never concentrating on only the finger...the spectrums range from deejaying to music to writing and baking. Most importantly...mommy.


Sometimes, we are only as strong as the company we keep. Sometimes, we need no company to be strong. This is for all people who struggle with self esteem, and tend to hide it, which leads to depression or worse...

In "stereotypical" fashion, The Scorpio being loves EXTREMELY hard...so if one is not prepared for such a thing, it is best to remain in a platonic/non romantic relationship.

If a romantic relationship ensues, it is best to walk away before you see the signs, if you are aware you have no interest in the Scorpio being... The Scorpio is also known to hate on the same degree...

As I sit and attempt to process this entire happening, it just seems extremely surreal. Like I am in a dreamlike state, and I will wake up and find out none of this happened.

My sister. My sister. The woman with the bright vibrant smile and big, beautiful eyes. You have been there for me throughout my emotional rollercoasters, assisted me in looking into how we as people form relationships with each other in a different light and took the time to comprehend taking chances in life not many people would...those chances being accepting the differences of others.

You gave so much of yourself without condescending judgment, and never one to give advice to me without inquiring if I wanted it first (which helped me out a great deal). So proud, yet so modest when it came to what she did best.

Aside from being one of my best friends, you were my deejay/event partner. I have seen you grow and develop from having a short stack of vinyl to a whole room full, and your skill level and musical knowledge is beyond incredible (even if you questioned that). Let's not forget about your dance skills as well!!I have seen you tirelessly put events together, while balancing it with parenthood and a job, and doing a damn great job at it!!! I am having a difficult time allowing you not physically being here to resonate.
As the days travel on, so may you. You are now with our ancestors, and they are taking care of you, as you will do with us. "Will you still deejay" she asked me with concern while knowing my proverbial disdain for the back and forth playground circus of the deejay field. "I don't know" I say. "Don't let the game pass you by" was one of the last things she said to me. The last official thing she said to me was "I love you too"... I somehow have to find the strength to put needle to vinyl for my sistren.

She transcended on the beginning of the 9th astrological month. She was born into a new celestial light. May she shine upon all of us who love her.

I love you Mumma Lioness...Geneva Spice... Sigh...breathe. Namaste.

I need to tell myself this more often...

We often get advice that in order to get better, we need to put ourselves first, etc, but sometimes that advice doesn't work. Some of us thrive strictly off of the love from another...

For those who have shared their time with a being who is on the autism spectrum, a hug may mean the entire world...

Aaaah...the good old times in the 88 Hip Hop Era...big ups to everyone who was involved in the 88 Hip Hop and Psuedo.com shows!!!

Teenageperson...when she was about three or four... ( :

If mommy is ever having a bad day...I'll look back on this photo... ( :

Tools of Peace... (no offence to the event with the polar opposite name)... inspired by @dremayes73...

The Meal...

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