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3XistencE  💍🤵👰⛪ 14.04 🌹💘♥️🔒 Kinga Anna Na Zawsze My

Na zawsze Razem

My, Na Zawsze i na dłużej.

Leaves can fall
It doesnt mean that the tree is dead
But just that it prepare itself
For Bloom again
With infinite new dreams
And new hopes .

Something is missing

Every road can have a crossroad
Everything is based on choices, Will, feelings and trust!
The most important thing is ever to not break the trust
If you still choice ever somebody ahead of everything and have a strong Will you Will probably find only a road ahead Made of a deep feeling: the One of both of Your/Us

Literally months without playing...

There is nothing you cant do
No lessons needed
I Will Learn your language
I Will Learn new languages
#piano #feelings #feeling #keyboard #synth #midi #controller

It is so insane to keep everything
Into your heart in silence
In order to dont hurt
Who you love most?
A princess, one day,
Took a long travel (and i only understand now how long it was....nobody wanted me nearby...hours of movies....in polish without subtitles...an old man fells asleep on my shoulder...a long stop on czech...it was deep night...and after that from łodz to torun polskibus...sleeping on Fort Iv and moving under the everchanging weather under the princess castle...i passed a bridge with an highway under it, a long straight road...and after that a big green area on the right side, a green grass field with a sign probably Made by childs about keep the area clean if you bring your dog. A small building with some shops on the right, a sort of mechanic...and a little road with a lot of little shops like a small market.i Watched a lot the green area behind the princess castle...with a sort of childs playground and toys...and after that i just sit on a bench out of her castle maindoor )
It is so insane keep it inside and dream?
I wish her a wonderful day every single day.
...i dont mind i can stand everything And fight
And keep fighting to hold what i love inside of me
Where nothing can touch or hurt it.
Because events, people and time also too
Can't stop this.
I'm so sorry to acted like a child full of fear
And hurted you
I just want to say it..
...and i dont feel Shame to write it there
Life is so fragile and nobody knows really where it goes. Everything can be risky.
So i just want to say her thanks and sorry and that i was there.

The sky seems sad today.
Work with a close contact with somebody sic of cancer makes you Think a lot.
The slow lose of weight, the personality changes too...i dont know if its the 8 hours of cisplatin infusion or just the fact that you must face the mortality. We can die at any time...also just by crossing the road but se use to forget it or just dont care/Think about it. How hard it's for the people around stay with somebody that acts in a different way...ever angry...ever nervous and full of anxiety.
But they stay... ...ever.

Dzień Dobry!
Wish you a wonderful day!

Dobry wieczór!
I think that Feelings can't be erased with time.
Usually people uses Time in order to replace their memories and feelings...but what if you hatch them in silence? No words needed when you can be in every place with who you want inside of you.
And you doesnt care of you can't physically see or talk....you can do everything in silence just to see and breath the same air...
Watch the Places, see the market nearby...the garden on the back full of childs toy and the nearby big green field where the dogs can run and play in freedom.
And...sometimes things happend and you can't help yourself...you can only smile and feel your heart pulse.
You feel as you want to say a lot of things...but also you can't find any word.
#dobrywieczór #silence #time #bnw #feelings #words #goodday #roses #princess #toruń #hercastle #herair #herplace

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