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Must be getting use to prep time wise. 6 weeks ill be chilling in Ohio ready to have fun. Still got time to improve my core and enhance my v taper. Checking in 7 weeks out from @arnoldsports grind mode is in full effect.
Hype man: @tenacious_jay7
#undeniablephysique #humbleexistence #619muscleathlete

@arnoldsports prep got me like... 🕺🏾🤾🏾‍♂️🤸🏽‍♀️
#undeniablephysique #humbleexistence #619muscleathlete

Monday motivation goes to this girl right here @sweet_annjay shes been with me for about 9 to 10 months now and made some unbelieveable changes. Before the right pic she actually met her goal and was satifies with her look but then rethought it over and wanted to make a even better change in her physique. Without a doubt i took her back in and within no time she started killing again. This shit is not easy but its worth every sweat left on a cardio machine or bosu ball. Bodybuilding isnt just for competitors but then again its not for the average. Its either you want it or not. Congrats and lets keep killing it!
#2018goals #fitgirl #noskinnyteabihhh

What a moment to remember. Started a season with a passion to "become". The outcome of my "become" was to let the physique take me as far as it could by putting my full effort into it. I came in the game with a headstart. In result 8 months of stage presence 6 shows under my belt and 2 of them pro competitions. I earned a shot at the @arnoldsports and @mrolympiallc you may ask "how do you think you will do". To most, you know the answer to this question but just know i have high expectations. With a coach like @pete619muscle and knowledgeable and hard grinding athlete like myself makes a powerful duo. This year win be a one to stoke a large variety of people. I got some things i need to work on to finish off this masterpiece and im trying my hardest to accomplish those goals in 7 weeks. At this point its not about staying focus or staying on diet without cheating or training my ass off. All those attributes are topped off. Im at the point im just starting to get impatient to show whats really good. @arnoldsports standby!
#undeniablephysique #humbleexistence #619muscleathlete

Pink 'under tanks' release tomorrow at 12pm pst. They say men dont where pink. Shitting me! You trying to get that instafamous chick number? All that sweat come from the stampede of women chasing me. What if i told you i made some sweet gains wearing just this tank? Damn right you gone buy it. So connect with @superfreshclothes website and set you alarm because only 50 pieces were made. 😁
#superfreshclothes #undeniablephysique #619muscleathlete
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@pete619muscle just cut my carbs so its only a matter of time before... 😂😫
#undeniablephysique #humbleexistence #619muscleathlete

Shorty: did you forget?
Me: forget what?
Shorty: yo number boy!
Me: uhhhh! 🙄
Good times at the #lafitnessexpo alot of people came thru to talk to me about interesting things. Those of you that didnt come. I saw you i was just a lil busy where i was at. Im a catch you around 👊🏽😁and those of you who didnt send me the photo stop playing and let me get that. Memories my friend. I appreciate you all, the host of the expo, and everybody who came to support the booth. I hope everyone got plenty of motivation along with those free treats. Lets kill this year.
#undeniablephysique #humbleexistence #619muscleathlete

#transformationtuesday 2012 vs 2017 physique. I think at the time i really cared more about my teeth then i did my physique. I think its funny tho. Back then i use to think i was swole. I would say i was for the average size 22 year old i was but shit now a days theres 18 year old kids killing that ego. Glad i didnt stop working. I would hate to be 27 and a teenager look more manly then i do.
#undeniablephysique #humbleexistence #619muscleathlete

Been on prep to achieve some dramatic changes in my physique for 6 weeks now. Im pulling in some crazy changes with 8 weeks remaining before i slide across that @arnoldsports stage presenting on of the best you will see. I admit there are some days im like fuck i dont wanna get up and do this but thats easily overcome when i check instagram and see the squad @619muscle not letting up on their goals along with some dope motivators i follow. Me and coach @pete619muscle came together and put a program in work that may surprise some eyes. I have high expectations for this show and all that is from confidence through my work ethic because i refuse to believe that somebody work fucking harder then i do and if u think you can. Hobble yo scrunchy ass down to world gym and show me whats up😂 real talk. Anyways physique update for @arnoldsports
#undeniablephysique #humbleexistence #underdog #ratedshredded #ratedfull #619muscleathlete

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